The welfare of the world lies in the supreme glory of the Hindu nation – Sar sangh chalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat

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29 Sep, 21 09:48
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Dr.Munesh Arora

The welfare of the world lies in the supreme glory of the Hindu nation – Sar sangh chalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat

Udaipur : The founder of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Dr. Keshavrao Baliram Hedgewar, while sacrificing his interest, happily chose the path of working for India. Dr. Hedgewar realized in the initial years that even after getting independence, we should not be subjected again, it has to be considered. This was the thought at the root of the establishment of the Sangh. This was stated by the Sarsanghchalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Dr. Mohan Bhagwat in the enlightened seminarorganizedatVidyaNiketanSector-4,UdaipuronSunday. Giving a speech to the distinguished citizens of Udaipur on the subject of the Sangh's purpose, thought and methodology, the Sarsanghchalak said that the task of building a person is the goal of the Sangh. Society building is possible through person building; the country building is possible through society building. He said that only by looking at the volunteers who are working autonomously in other areas, no impression can be made about the Sangh. The Sangh works in the spirit of universalbrotherhood.ThewholeworldishisownfortheSangh. He said that theSangh has no desire to earn a name. Credit is not needed by the Popularity Association. The word Hindu was also publicly avoided till the 80s, the Sangh worked in this adverse situation as well. The Sangh is today in the form of the largest organization in the world, despite the impossibility of the early times. Sangh is an organization of credible, trustworthy people of the society who do not differ in words and deeds. All Hindus are our brothers, this is the Sangh. This is the Sangh's branch, the Sangh's volunteers. Volunteers autonomously do positive service work in society. Sarsanghchalak Dr. Bhagwat quoted the founder of the Sangh, Dr. Hedgewar, that he used to say that the organization of Hindu society can solve all the problems of India. All of us are the children of Mother India, the followers of Hindu ie Sanatan culture. The sanskaras of Sanatan culture can illuminate the world. The Hindu ideology is that of peace and truth. We are not Hindus; such a campaign is being done to weaken the country and society. Where the Hindu population has decreased due to various reasons, problems have arisen, so the Hindu organization will become omnipresent and talk about the welfare of the world. He said that the welfare of the world would be in the supreme glory of the Hindu nation. Explaining Hindutva in simple words, Dr. Bhagwat said that the selfless service work done by the volunteers of the Sangh during the Corona period is Hindutva. There is a sense of wellbeing in it. He said that the founder of theSangh, Dr. Hedgewar had experienced that the diversity of India in appearance has a sense of unity at its core, we are all Hindus, descendants of ancestors who have lived on this holy land for ages, this feeling is Hindutva. Earlier, the program started with the lighting of the lamp by Sarsanghchalak Dr. Bhagwat, Regional Sanghchalak of Rajasthan region Rameshchand Agrawal and Mahanagar Sanghchalak Govind Agarwal in front of the statue of Mother India. All India intellectual chief Swant Ranjan, All India executivememberHastimalandsenior campaignerGunwantSingh Kothari were also present in the program. The program ended with the singing of Vande Mataram. Curiosity Session Afterthespeech,SarsanghchalakDr.Bhagwatguidedmany questions in the curiosity session. On the question about the image of the Sangh in the media, he said that publicity is not our aim, not fame, egoless, selfless, cultured volunteers and work is the primary objective. That's why there was a delay in the field of publicity. The union does not beat the drums of doing work. If work is done, it will be publicized without even sayingit.TheSanghisnotinvolvedinthecompetitionofunnecessary publicity. Yet the publicity department is moving ahead and slowly gaining momentum. It is because of the work that the Sangh has got its place in society. Referring to the book 'ASanghi Who Never Went to Sakha ', he said that seeing the work of the Sangh, many writers and thinkers are writing spontaneously.On the idea of the Sangh about women empowerment, he mentioned the constructive work of Rashtra Sevika Samiti in the work of social building. He said that Sangh and Sevika Samiti work in parallel. The work of family enlightenment of the Sangh is not possible without the mother power. The work of women empowerment and enlightenment is going on through women's coordination. On the question about the role of the Sangh in the tribal classes, he said that the purpose of the Sangh is to organize the entire society. The work of welfare and organization of these sections is going on with the positive initiative of Vanvasi KalyanAshram,Parishad,EkalVidyalaya,andvolunteers.The Vanvasi society is completely under the control of the missionary, it is not so. Giving the example of Phulbani, Odisha, he said that the forest dwellers are not Hindu in selfishness, greed, or compulsion, but they are Hindu. Responding to a question on the social concerns of the RSS, he said that the Sangh is an organization of the common man. Referring to Narayan Gameti going to the house, he said that he is also an ordinary worker. The Sangh aims to prepare the common man for the country. The Sangh has to reach the basti, village, everyone, no matter how much time it takes. In response to the questionaboutKeralaandBengal, he said that what the society suffers, the swayamsevaks also suffer. The volunteer is not going to panic and run away. Volunteer works with the society. On the question of discrimination-free society and reservation, he said that in the Sangh's branch, education is given to be non-discriminatory. We are only Hindus, this is what is taught. Therefore, there is no atmosphere of such discrimination in the Sangh. The volunteer tries to implement this ideal in personal life as well. The disease of discrimination is old, theSangh is trying to remove it through social work.TheSangh does not accept any idea that supports inequality. On the question about the Sangh and the power, he said that the participation of the Sangh in power is misleading and the origin of the media. Sangh Swayamsevaks discussing or meeting with political people is not a participation in power. Other governments including the communists have also been taking the cooperation of the Sangh volunteers in many works. On the question about cow rearing and cow protection, he gave the example of Bhilwara and Pathmeda Gaushala while mentioning the cow promotion activity. He said that volunteers and others are already working in this direction. On the question asked in the context of connecting all the sections of the society, he said that the purpose of the Sangh is to organize the entire Hindu society, so the Sangh work should be expanded. It is everyone's aim that India should become a Vishwa Guru, so the Sangh is working to connect all sections of the society. There is no other implied purpose. In the end, he said that the Sangh should be understood from within, not from afar. The Sangh is doing good work in the interest of the country, society, and religion, so the Sangh canbeunderstoodonlyby joiningthiswork.HesaidthatAcharya Vinoba Bhave never went to the Sakha but worked as a volunteerintheinterestofthecountryandsociety.Sarsanghchalak Dr.Bhagwat calleduponeveryonetobeintouchwiththeSangh. He said that after seeing the work of the Sangh, become an associate.

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