Two children's cataracts removed, lens implanted, illuminated

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26 Jul, 21 10:46
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Two children's cataracts removed, lens implanted, illuminated

Udaipur. Two children who have blindness by birth now will see a wonderful world. They were suffering from cataracts since birth. The transplant was performed in the Department of Ophthalmology, GBH General Hospital, Bedwas, operating with state-of-the-art micro-incision phaco technology.
Group Director Dr. Anand Jha said that in the past, Neemuch (MP) residents Durgesh (3) and Mahendra (11) were taken by their relatives to the Ophthalmology Department of GBH General Hospital located in Bedwas. Both the children could not see since birth. Here, phaco and oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Swati Jain and photorefractive and cornea surgeon Dr. Nitish Kathuria found that both the children had been suffering from cataracts since birth which he could not see. Mahendra had complex glaucoma. Because of this, they could not see. If this continues continuously, then he is in danger of losing his light permanently. For this, cataract operation and lens implant were the only options. Dr. Swati Jain and Nitish Kathuria performed cataract surgery with state-of-the-art phaco technology and performed lens transplants. From the Department of Anesthesia in the team, Dr. Rajendra Sharma, Dr. Joginder Singh, Dr. Yash Rabadiya, Dr. Punit Sahu were co-workers. Both got rid of blindness for life by doing lens transplants of children, and children could see their families for the first time after birth.

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