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The Governments which are anti-farmer and anti-labour are far from the Ideals of Gandhi – Himmat Seth

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12 Oct, 20 09:26
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The Governments which are anti-farmer and anti-labour are far from the Ideals of Gandhi – Himmat Seth

Udaipur:  North Western Railway Mazdoor Union, Udaipur organized a meeting at Gate No. 2 of the Udaipur City Railway station on the topic “ Mahatma Gandhi aur Mazdoor Andolan” to observe the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The chief guest of the meeting was Himmat Seth, Chief Editor of Mahaveer Samta Sandesh. In his address he said that Mahatma Gandhi participated in the textile workers strike in Ahmedabad and also in the peasant’s movement of Bardoli which was led by Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. He was in favour of an agro based and village centered economy. He said that the Union Government led by Narendra Modi who has enacted laws against farmers and workers is miles away from Gandhiji and his ideals.Beginning the discussion Prof. Hemendra Chandalia said that Mahatma Gandhi was deeply impressed by Leo Tolstoy’s book The Kingdom of God is within You and John Ruskin’s book Unto this Last. He translated this book Unto This Last in Gujarati with the title Sarvodaya. He said that Gandhi was against the western capitalist model of development and advocated a kind of development based on village autonomy, indigenous production and dignity of  labour. Gandhi ji said that the earth had everything for the need of everyone but not enough for the greed of a single individual. He said that the Union government and BJP are only paying lip service to Gandhi. Their real masters are the corporate who support him to win elections. President of Samta SAmvaad Engineer Piyush Joshi said that Railways are the backbone of Indian economy and also of social fabric of India. The NDA government is bent upon making it private.
 Every Indian must fight against such a policy.The convener of Bhrashtachar Mukt Bharat Harish Suhalka said that the service conditions, service security and the honour of railway employees must be protected at any cost. The meeting was convened by the secretary of the union comrade Nisheeth Shrivastava who  warned about the challenges of the privatization of railways.
The meeting was presided over by Jagdish Kumar of the Union.The Vice President Ramcharan Meena offered a vote of thanks. Prof. L.R.Patel, B..Panchal and about a hundred employees of north western railway were present in the meeting. 

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