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New education policy: Points to Ponder

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12 Oct, 20 09:25
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Raaisha Upadhyay

New education policy: Points to Ponder

Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. By Malcolm X
Education is the most important National activity and the backbone of country progress. 
The new education policy is likely to lead to 100% literacy in the 15 to 35 age group in the wake of century. The Government of India recently announced a new reform education policy on 29 July 2020 it was a long-awaited discussion to reform the national education policy is framed in 1986 and modified in 1992 the new education policy is framed to make it suitable to current educational, economical and societal changes.The Government of India infused some release into the mind of student who were fed up with old education system and were eagerly waiting for it to change.
Some of the main highlights and fact about national education policy 2020.
1.    Schooling will start at the age 
    of 3 years
2.    5+3+3+4 curricular and 
    teaching structure
3.     Emphasis on mother tongue as 
    medium of instruction
4.    Universalisation of Early 
    Childhood Care Education (ECCE)
5.    No rigid separation between Science
    , Arts and Commerce streams
6.    Internships and vocational
     education from Class 6
7.    Focus on attaining foundational 
    literacy and numeracy
8.    Board exams to have low stakes
9.    Reduction in curriculum to core 
10.    NCC wings in the secondary and 
    higher secondary schools.
11.    Internship included in class 
    6th Advantages of NEP 2020
•    2 crores out of school childrens 
    back into the mainstream.
•    Reduced unnecessary stress 
    and importance of board exams.
•    Infusion of technology.
•    More qualified teachers.
•    Music art and literature to be 
    taught in all colleges.
•    Importance to practical and 
    skill development.
•    More budget for education.
    Disadvantages of NEP 2020
•    New education policy of 2020 will 
    be challenging in rural India.
•    Learning problem for students 
    and teachers to adapt to new 
    learning system.
Lack of qualified teachers according to the new requirements

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