Hindi Divas Celebration by Seedling

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28 Sep, 20 05:48
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- Dr.Shameem Quader

Hindi Divas Celebration by Seedling

Hindi Divas is celebrated on Sept 14 to pay tribute to the official language of India. Seedling modern public school celebrated Hindi Divas digitally in the wake of pandemic situation by organizing various events. The main aim was to orient the students about the importance of Hindi language and how celebrating the day helps in sustaining traditional values and glorifying them to reinforce the languages’ importance.Students were conveyed that English is important but usage should be such that both languages- hindi and English- complement each other. Students of classes 7th, 8th & 9th participated in the various events where they shared Hindi proverbs along with explaining them and narrated Hindi couplets of Kabir Das, Rahim, Surdas and Raskhan . They highlighted and gave an insight and importance of Hindi Dohas in our daily life and urged everyone to feel proud of our National language Hindi.
The winners were:
1st Vedant Pagaria
2nd Seerat Kaur
3rd Neeyati Jain
7th Zoher Magar.
The students of class 9th participated in the inter house debate competition on the topic “Corona is a threat to mankind and a boon to nature”, in which the first position was bagged by Himanshi Chundawat (Soma House), second position achieved by Shaurya Babel (Varuna House) and third position gripped by simran Pahuja (Indra House).Principal of the school, Ms. Keerti Maken extended her wishes on the occasion and congratulated the participants as well as the winners for showing their devotion, dedication and positive spirit on the occasion by showcasing their talents. Director of the school, Mr.Bakshi stated that language and culture of any country plays an important role in making people- to connect with the people and helps in making a strong nation. Thus, the celebration concluded with a positive note.


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