Natural remedies can  protect the Complete ecosystem of lakes and Ayad river 

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28 Sep, 20 05:46
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Natural remedies can  protect the Complete ecosystem of lakes and Ayad river 

Natural remedies can make the rivers and lakes flowing in lakes, ponds, and urban areas free of dirt and ecologically rich, beautiful, and clean. These views expressed in a Sunday dialogue on "Treatment of contaminated water with eco techniques and water source conservation."
The dialogue was jointly organized by the Lake Mitra Sansthan, Lake Conservation Society, Gandhi Manav Kalyan Samiti under the aegis of India Water Partnership.
 The principal of  Vidya Bhavan Polytechnic, Dr. Anil Mehta, said that simple, inexpensive, and useful technology like Green Bridge has successfully used the eco technique to treat dirty water and accumulate polluted silt. The dirty water flowing in the river has been cleaned; the river's entire ecosystem has improved. In natural ways, pollution from plants, bushes, and organisms available in nature is self-healing.
Tej Shankar Paliwal, a member of the Lake Development Authority, said that weeds control could be done organically in lakes ponds. Paliwal said that fishes of grass carp species naturally control weeds. The biological treatment of hyacinth has been successfully done in Udaipur. 
Secretary of the Lake Conservation Society, Dr. Tej Razdan, said that the prevalent techniques of treating contaminated water require a lot of land for the treatment plant including excessive consumption of electricity, chemical, and human labor. The same natural technology is capable of treating contaminated water without any electrical energy, chemical expenditure.
Nand Kishore Sharma, director of Gandhi Manav Kalyan Samiti, said that nature naturally could purify oneself. Contamination from human activities in lakes, ponds, and rivers has to be controlled.
Environmentalist Pallab Dutta said that the river Ayad had poorly been contaminated by waste, debris, human sewage, dirty water, effluent from industries. Udaipur cannot become a smart city unless the river and lakes are clean. 
 Young environmental activists Kushal Rawal and Danish Hakim said that a "forest plaque," the green stripe, should be built on all river drains' banks, including the Ayad River. This will lead to biodiversity, preventing encroachment on river drains. 
Shramdan held at Pichola before the dialogue, Preeti Bhanat, Laveena Parmar, Shikha Dangi, Prerna Thapa, Prachi Sharma, Kushal Rawal, Drupad Singh Chauhan, Krishna Koshti, Ram Lal Gehlot, Jal Yoddha Dev Raj Singh Solanki, Samajsevi Nand Kishore Sharma, Tej Shankar Paliwal, member of the Lake Development Authority, took out polythene, alcohol bottles, household waste and aquatic grass from the lake area.

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