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The child marriage network halts child marriage of 4 girls in Udaipur

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04 Jul, 20 10:48
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The child marriage network halts child marriage of 4 girls in Udaipur

Udaipur. On the Child Protection Network initiative, a decisive effort has been made to stop child marriages of four minor girls in Udaipur. The police have called the guardians of the minor girls and prohibited them from getting married in the police station. On the other hand, with the network's efforts, the groom's side in Chittor is also banned from not doing child marriage.

The first case is reported to be of Bhilu Rana Kachchi Basti area, in whose area a 13-year-old girl is proposed to be married on June 29 to a young man from a sizeable Saadri resident, this information from Bhilwara region to Advocate Harish Paliwal, a former member of Child Welfare Committee. A photo of the engagement of the girl child was sent to which Paliwal immediately informed the child welfare committee that she was working in the field of children with the help of the network.

On the information given by Advocate Harish Paliwal, Childline coordinator Navneet Sharma instructed the activist Virendra Singh to reach the spot and explain to the parents and take the help of the concerned Ambamata police station, in the meantime, child welfare by Advocate Paliwal. On informing the committee, members Shilpa Mehta and Rajeev Meghwal also issued a letter to the Ambamata police station immediately after instructing them to stop child marriage.

Seeing the seriousness of the episode, the Ambamata police station area immediately summoned the 13-year-old girl's parents to the police station, and ASI Narayan Singh barred them from leaving the city of Udaipur on June 29 for not marrying and doing so in the case against them. Where did it go to enter SI confined both the parents and obtain their consent in writing and in questioning found out the address of the boy, who was said to be of great simplicity.

Considering the seriousness of the case, Advocate Harish Paliwal also sent the case to the Child Welfare Committee Chittorgarh and ChildLine Chittorgarh and provided them with the address of the elder sister, to prevent this child marriage to be held on June 29 in every case. Tried to make an effort, on which both the Chittor agency also made contact with the boy's guardians and prohibited them from getting married. Shakira, the coordinator of Chittorgarh Childline, helped a lot in this case and went with the police to get the boy banned.

Similarly, a member of Child Protection Network informed the Child Welfare Committee that 3 minor girls in Rampura circle area are getting married on June 29, on which Child Welfare Committee members Shilpa and Rajiv sent a letter to Ambamata police station to their parents He also called for the police station and took the action to make it pure so that the girls could be safe from the alliance of child marriage.

Report on children's crime in 1098

Child safety network member Harish Paliwal has appealed to the public that children can be protected by sharing information about any kind of crime related to children, child marriage, child labor, etc. through child protection network. Apart from this, a complaint can also be lodged on the phone number 1098 of the Child Welfare Committee and ChildLine in Udaipur.

Childline will be monitored

Co-ordinator despite the prohibition by the police in relation to preventing child marriages of Bhilu Rana Colony and all four girls of Rampura intersection on Monday, by a former member of Child Welfare Committee Harish Paliwal and current members Smt. Shilpa Mehta and Rajeev Meghwal and members of Child Protection Network Under Navneet Sharma, CHILDLINE will supervise the constable between Udaipur activist and Ambamata.

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