Child and mother's life saved by emergency delivery in 6 months' pregnancy

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04 Jul, 20 10:45
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Child and mother's life saved by emergency delivery in 6 months' pregnancy

Udaipur. Doctors in the have saved the life of the infant and the mother by high-risk birth in  Paras JK hospital of the city. 6 months pregnant, Mrs. Munira, a resident of Salumbar, suddenly received a labor pain in the night. Female and obstetrician Dr. Sheetal Kaushik was shown at the hospital where she decided to have her delivered immediately after the decision.

 Dr. Kaushik told me that the woman was brought to the hospital at 2 pm. The woman was getting too much pain. This led to an emergency cesarean delivery, anticipating further risks. The delivery was only six months. Due to this, the child's weight was only 800 grams, which was much less than a healthy child.

For this reason, the child was placed in the hospital nursery under Dr. Rajkumar Vishnoi. Dr. Rajkumar Neonatologist told that due to the less weight of the child, it was shifted in ICU. The child's lungs were not fully developed due to delivery at six months. He was having trouble breathing. At this time, he could not even drink the mother's milk. Her bowels were so weak, and she could not also digest mother's milk.

For this reason, he was given an artificial diet TPN by tube. After 3 to 4 days, he was sometimes given breast milk by the tube. After getting success in all these works, slowly, he started getting it done directly. Also, the mother got ICU. & also gave Kangaro care therapy to do all these tasks. The child was kept on a ventilator for about 15 days. During this time, the weight of the child increased, and he started to feed himself. During the two months of hospitalization, her weight became 2 kg. The mother and child were then discharged. The child is perfectly healthy.

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