The successful operation of a substantial abdominal lump in Geetanjali Hospital

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22 May, 20 07:55
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The successful operation of a substantial abdominal lump in Geetanjali Hospital

Today, where the number of people infected with corona is increasing all over the world and on the other hand, the problems of people suffering from serious diseases are also increasing. In Geetanjali Hospital, following all the administrative and medical protocols of coronavirus, complex operations are being done continuously as per need.

During the corona epidemic, a huge lump was present in the stomach of the patient at the Cancer Center of Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital, Udaipur. Before the operation, the most effective treatment was determined by the Medicine, Surgical, and Radiation Oncology team under one roof in the tumor board, in which surgery was chosen. The team that completed the operation included oncology surgeon Dr. Ashish Jakhetia, Dr. Arunasharma, Dr. Shantanu, Dr. Naveen Patidar from the Department of Anesthesia, Avinash, Raju, Uttam and Anil from Staff and Dr. Sanjay Paliwalav from ICU and in the team Are included.

Patient Meena (name changed), a 15-year-old resident of Chittor, said that for some time, her stomach was growing swollen, which was causing difficulty in breathing and pain in working. On conducting sonography in Chittor, the local doctor there asked to go to Geetanjali Hospital, Udaipur. After coming to Geetanjali Hospital, the patient's CT Scanned The examination confirmed the massive knot in the patient's stomach, and kept him in the ICU for two days, due to shortness of breath in the patient's chest.

Dr. Ashish said that the large tumor which had arisen from the ovary (ovary) had surrounded the stomach of the patient, and the diaphragm and lungs had also become compressed. It was necessary to remove the tumor as soon as possible. During the operation, about 10 kg lump of the patient was excluded. The patient was discharged seven days after the surgery. He is happy and happy due to the timely treatment of the patient.



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