Good initiative

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21 May, 20 02:54
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Good initiative

Udaipur: Due to the Corona epidemic, people are now taking full care of social distancing. Not only this, but the infection of this virus also should not spread to many people, so the people of the city, as well as the people of the village, are giving full awareness. A scene related to social distancing was seen at a wedding ceremony held in a rural area of Udaipur. Ravi Sen, the groom from a wedding procession from Bedla village near the city, took full care of social distancing and knot with bride Gayatri, believing Agni as a witness.

 The procession reached Karanpur village in the Vallabhnagar assembly, with only eight Baraatis from Bedla. During this time, the bride's party got the wedding taken care of with social distancing. Be it the groom's bridesmaid or the Torana ceremony or the pavilion ... Everywhere social distancing was taken care of. During this time, all the people of the bridegroom, pandit, Baraati, and bridegroom paid the rituals of the sacred bond of marriage by putting a mask on the mouth. 

Seeing the cradle of the lockdown, the procession stopped in the village for only 4 hours, and after this, the bridegroom left the bride Gayatri with blessings. The cradle of social distancing done by the people of the village during the marriage has also shown awareness of the villagers towards the corona.


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