WASH Lab, Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies (GITS) to form a WASH Forum under IHUWASH project

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06 Jul, 19 11:35
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WASH Lab, Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies (GITS) to form a WASH Forum under IHUWASH project

 Udaipur: Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies (GITS), Udaipur Municipal Corporation (UMC)and Innovation Hub for Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Solutions (IHUWASH) project implemented by the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), New Delhi in Udaipur has jointly organized a meeting to form a WASH forum in Udaipur city. The WASH Forum will focus on the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) related aspects of the city for finding a suitable solution through advocacy, cross-learning and creating awareness among citizens of Udaipur. The main aim of WASH Forum is to provide a platform to all important stakeholders in the city for regular interaction, knowledge sharing and to analyze critically on different WASH issues which affect health and hygiene. 

The WASH forum will also engage the voices of the youth, communities and other stakeholders. The meeting was organized in Udaipur Municipal Corporation. Shri. Chandra Singh Kothari, Honourable Mayor of Udaipur; ShriArunVyas, Additional Chief Engineer, ShriMukeshPujari from Udaipur Municipal corporation was present during the meeting. The Meeting was attended by around 20 participants. 

Representatives from Udaipur Municipal Corporation, Planning Department, Pollution Control Department, and Groundwater Department participated in the meeting. Leading NGOs of the city, academic institute, and private sector and industry representatives were also present at the Event. Mayor, Shri. Chandra Singh Kothari appreciated the efforts of IHUWASH and its WASH Lab at GITS for contributing extensively for the improvement of the WASH sector of Udaipur. He stated that it is this teamwork and proactive participation of every department, that is required for the WASH Forum. He further added that UMC will support the development of WASH Forum and activities under it. 

Additional Chief Engineer, UMC, admired the training programs conducted by the WASH Lab. Dr. Manish Varma, WASH Chair, at GITS welcomed all the participants and shared various activities undertaken by the WASH Lab last year. He also presented its future plans to support Udaipur Municipal Corporation under IHUWASH project. He briefed about the need for a WASH forum in Udaipur city, where the important source of water supply; the lakes are matters of concerns and discussed to prevent it from pollution and drying. 

The WASH forum will aim to address key challenges in water, sanitation and hygiene sector of Udaipur city by engaging technical experts. Corporates and Industries are important stakeholders who can financially support various WASH projects through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. The WASH forum will involve all important stakeholders; including individuals who wish to contribute to the improvement of the WASH sector of Udaipur city. During the meeting, participants expressed their views and gave their valuable suggestions on the WASH Forum and its activities. 

The discussions were held on how individual organizations can contribute to the WASH forum activities, when the meetings can be scheduled, what type of activities augmenting the WASH sector of the city can be planned. It was suggested that a committee should be formed to drive these initiatives with the consensus of all relevant stakeholders. Dr.ManishVarma concluded that the WASH forum will play an important role to ultimately improve the public health and hygiene status of Udaipur by working towards finding innovative solutions. 

Forum’s success lies in an active role played by all the stakeholders and their contributions in the WASH forum. He requested all the DABOK, Udaipur-313022 Rajasthan. Phone: (0294) 2657800-4 Website: www.gits.ac.in participants to support the initiative. The WASH forum plans to meet at a regular interval and its details will be shared in advance with all the members. Dr. Deepak Paliwal from GITS concluded the meeting with a vote of thanks. 

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