World Peace Car Rally from July first

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04 Apr, 19 07:35
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World Peace Car Rally from July first

 Udaipur: World Peace Car Rally is scheduled for 1st July in which there will be 30 participants from all over the country. This rally will also have 3 people from Udaipur representing India. The rally is a joint collaboration of Sri Sai Women and Children’s Society-Ahmedabad, Srajan-The Spark and Hoppers Leeway Holidays.

Among the members from Udaipur participating in this rally, 2 are from Srajan-The Spark. The rally will be flagged off the Governor of Gujarat on 1st July. The car rally will begin from Sabarmati and travel to 15 nations covering a distance of 17000 kilometres. The rally will reach London on 15th August where Indian flag will be hoisted.

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Rajendra Sharma and Dinesh Kataria from Srajan will represent India along with PawanDhupia. The others to be a part of this car rally 14 children of martyrs from  Army, Navy, CRPF, other armed forces and 4 divyang children as well. the route  brief is as under

India (2 Nights, 1605 kms) – 

The Governorshri will flag off us at 9 Am from Gandhi Ashram after a short 1 hour event. This event will be attended by other high level dignitaries and will be covered by print and satellite media. 

We will be reaching Jaipur on the 1st day and travelling to Lucknow now 2nd Day. We will be staying in 5 Star hotels like Hyatt Regency or Radisson.

On the 3rd Day, we will be heading to Nepal border via Gorkhpur and crossing border through Sonauli. We will reach Kathmandu, Nepal the same day.

Nepal (2 Nights, 388 Kms) –

The Indian Embassy in Nepal will host us. A sightseeing tour is planned, which will be done in a Volvo bus. We will be spending 2 nights in Kathmandu, staying in Radisson Hotel.

We will be heading to Tibet Border on the 3rd day. We will be crossing the border and entering into Giyrong, Tibet.

Tibet (7 Nights, 1280 Kms) – 

We will be heading to the base campsite of Mount Everest on day 3 after entering into Tibet and head to Xigaze. In Xigaze we will be changing our number plates and all the drivers will get temporary Chinese driving licenses.

We will be escorted visa escort vehicle our entire time in China and Tibet.

After staying 2 nights in Xigaze due to formalities of Chinese authorities, we will be heading towards the Tibetan capital of Lhasa where we will be staying for 2 nights. 

Here we will be visiting many heritage and historical sights and relax.

China ( 7 Nights, 3090 Kms) –

We will be heading towards the famous Silk Road in Western China from Lhasa.

A Chinese tour guide will remain with us in the entire trip after we enter Tibet from Nepal.

On day 2 here, we will head to Toutuohe, Qinghai Province. Here we will be staying in a small town, which is famous for being the source of Yangzi River (longest river of China).

On Day 3 we will head to Golmud, it has spectacular landscape and we can see both highlands of China and Tibet.

On Day 4 we head to Dunhuang where we will be visiting the most beautiful and important Mogao Cave of China, in the evening.

On Day 5, 6 & 7 we head to the border town of Khorgos traveling through Turpan&Kuytan. These will be quiet days for the group to relax.

Kazakhstan (6 Nights, 2670 Kms) –

After entering Kazakhstan, we will be heading to the former capital city of Almaty. We will be spending 2 nights here to relax and sightseeing. There is a famous National park near to the city, which will be planned for sight tour as well.

On Day 3 & Day 4 we will be in the famous city of Turkestan, which is known as the alternate Haj for Muslims. A sight tour will also be planned.

On Day 5 & Day 6 we will heading to Akotbe via Aralsk. These will be quiet days and the group can relax. We will head to the Russian Border on 7th Day via Yaysan border.

Russia (5 Nights, 2010 Kms) – 

We will be heading to the city of Orenburg in Russia after crossing the border.

Day 1 to 4 we will have quiet days traveling to Moscow through beautiful landscape through cities like Samara and Penza. Samara has great beaches and the group can visit them on day 2.

In Moscow, the Indian Embassy will be holding an event for us and we will be spending 2 nights here. Sight Tour is planned. 

Day 6, we will be heading to Belarus’s capital Minsk.

Belarus (1 Night, 900 Kms) –

Minsk will be a short stay with no plans. The group can go out on their own or relax in the Victoria Olimp Hotel. We will heading to Poland the next day.

Poland (1 Night, 600 Kms) –

We will be staying 1 night in Warsaw the capital city of Poland. Just like in Minsk, the group is allowed to relax or go out on their own to visit the city on 1st night in Warsaw. We will be staying in a hotel like RaddissonBlu. 

Czech Republic (2 Nights, 445 Kms) – 

We will be staying 2 nights in Prague the capital of Czech. It is also famous for its night life and beautiful historic structures. A sight tour is planned and the group can enjoy the night life of this city.

Austria ( 2 Nights, 500 Kms) – 

We will be staying 2 nights in the capital city of Vienna. The Indian Embassy will receive us at the United Nations International Centre. Austria is full of beautiful scenery and the drive in this beautiful country will be largely relaxing. A sight tour is planned as well.

Germany (1 Night, 600 Kms) –

A short 1 night stay in Munich with a free evening for the group. They can visit the city of Munich or relax in the hotel.

France (3 Nights, 450 Kms) – 

We will be reaching Paris from Munich and stay 2 nights in the beautiful city of Paris. The group is allowed to explore the city night life on their own on 1st& 2nd nights. On 2nd day a sight tour is planned.

Belgium (1 Night, 150 Kms) –

We will reach in 3 to 4 hours from Paris and will be staying in Brussels where the World Customs Organization will host us. The group can explore Brussels individually once we are free from the event.

Netherlands (1 Night, 150 Kms) – 

A short 2 to 3 hour journey from Brussels will lead us to Amsterdam the capital of Netherlands. Here a sight tour is planned and night life to be explored.

We will have 2 days to explore the city as we will traveling to England via ferry on 2nd night in Amsterdam. 

England ( 2 Nights, 130 Kms) – 

We will reach Harwich, UK 135 Kms away from Ambedkar house, London at 6AM in the ferry. We will be heading towards Ambedkar House as soon as we hit the roads. 

A huge event is planned for our welcome with over 200 people-gathering event in the nearby Gymkhana of Ambedkar House. 

City tour is included in London.

Our package includes 2 nights stay in London and return ticket back to Ahmedabad.

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