Congress will bounce back in Loksabha : Parmar

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27 Dec, 18 08:51
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Congress will bounce back in Loksabha : Parmar Udaipur: Former minister and legislator Daya Ram Parmar believes that Congress will bounce back with a record to get all the seats in the LokSabha elections .at present we no no MP from Rajasthan.
In a special dialogue with Royal harbinger, he told that who is to take the responsibilities of minister is CMs prerogative., in response to a question put on the poor performance of the Congress in Udaipur district, he said that Congress was defeated ahead of Money power Workers worked with loyalties, but the big leaders saw the effect of murmuring on their work style.
The impact of BTP in the Wadad division was wide and they won two seats, the BTP candidate secured more than 20 thousand votes in Kherwada, it reduced the margin of my victory, otherwise, the records would be from the Kherwada be achieved. Parmar praised the decision of the state government to wave the farmer's debts on Rahul Gandhi's instructions and expressed confidence that important decisions like giving employment to unemployed and giving unemployment allowance will be taken soon.
In response to a question, Parmar said that the Congress's performance in Mewad has been disappointing for what reasons; quick action on the review and the deficiencies are mandatory. Asked on what responsibility they can be given on the basis of which they are asked, Depending on the will of the supreme command, he is a soldier of Congress and will continue to work for him for life.
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