For a smart city, modern technology should be used: Talesera

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27 Dec, 18 08:47
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For a smart city, modern technology should be used: Talesera Udaipur: Under the scheme to make the major cities as smart, Udaipur, of the state, has also been selected under Smart City project. Under this, there are several types of work to be done in the coming days. In this context, PSTalesera , director of the state's leading innovative technology company Pyrotech Pvt. Ltd shared views with Mangi lal our marketing executive
Taleserabelieves that in order to make Udaipur a smart city Ahar project should be taken at top priority For this, the administration should construct just two anicuits in spite of five as proposed for this presentation has already been done by us only after this, the work of River Front will be easy and the status of the Ahar will improve.Containerized Mobile Insulator should be Portable Insulator: They said that it is very necessary to remove waste to make Udaipur a smart city.For this, the portable insulator can be installed on Containerized Mobile Insulators. From time to time, waste disposal will be done through modern technology. Portable in cursors can be installed at collective locations.Instead of plastic MS and GI should be Dustbin: he is of view that the dustbin of plastic should be avoided. Apart from this, the ignorant garbage disposal by the cleaning staff becomes wasted by burning the plastic garbage vessel. Instead, the administration should take the dustbin of MS and GI to the collective place. Dustbin will last for a long time and their cost will also be recovered. It will not be wasted in any type of fire and any other way.Every man dreams of his own home from the low-cost housing: According to him, the government can make the dream of every man's own home come true from low-cost houses. He told that the BRICS has been prepared by the institution by making plastic, sand and marble slurry. This bricks can prove to be a milestone in making low-cost housing. He has appealed to other major organizations of the country to see this system and also come forward with the disposal of low-cost housing for disposal of harmful waste material for the environment.
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