Learned Brain-of-the-art Surgery from American University

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30 Oct, 18 09:56
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Learned Brain-of-the-art Surgery from American University Udaipur. Dr. Tarun Mathur, the interventional neurologist of GBH American Hospital, has taken three weeks of training from the University Hospital of America. With the completion of his training, now ins teed of open brain surgery, it is possible to remove a clot in the brain by using hand nerves in interventional neurology. Now surgery can be done in the paralyzed condition of patients without any rag-tag. Group director Dr. AnandJha told that interventional neurologist Dr. TarunMathur trained three weeks of training on neuro-related cutting-edge technology with a team of Neuro Department of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital at PhilaDelphia, USA. Dr. Mathur worked with the team there on the recruited patients. Following the success of three-week training, Dr. Mathur has also issued a Fellowship Certificate from University Hospital.
After returning here, Dr. Mathur exchanged the new technology from management and discussed the introduction of GBH American Hospital's Advanced Neuro Care Institute. At the same time, he said that this technique would recover patients and they did not even need to be admitted for more days. Dr. Jha told that Neuro Cathedral of GBH American Hospital has been updated.
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