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Mahaprasad is the term applied to the 56 food items offered to Lord Jagannath in the holy Temple of puri located in odissa , india.TheBhog (prasad) offered to him and later to Maa Bimala in the Grand Temple(SriMandir)andremainsofthatNivedana(afteraccepting by the God) is known as ‘Mahaprasad’. Mahaprasad is also widely named as the famous Chappan Bhog. legend has it that when the steam cooked food is carried totheLordinslingsofearthenpotsnoessencecanbesmelled from the food but when the same is carried back to the sale point (Anand Bazar) after being offered to the Lord, a delicious smell spreads along in the breeze to the pleasant surprise of the devotees. Now the food is blessed. SankudiMahaprasadincludes items like rice, ghee rice, mixed rice, cumin seed and asaphoetida-gingerricemixedwithsalt,and dishes like sweet dal, plain dal mixedwithvegetables,mixedcurries of different types, Saaga Bhaja', Khatta, porridge and lot of sweets etc. All these are offered to the Lord in ritualistic ways. It is said that every day 56 types of Prasad are offered to the Lord during the time of worship and all of these are prepared in the kitchens of the temple and sold to the devotees in Ananda Bazaar by the Suaras who are the makers of the Prasad. From this 56 bhog one sweet which everybody love to eat it is KHIRA GAINTHA, hear I will show you how to make this dish. Traditional method of cooking is by wood

INGREDIENTS -  100 Gram Rice  Water , as required  150 Gram Sugar  100 ML Condensed Milk  Salt , as required  1 tablespoon Cardamom Powder (Elaichi)  100 Gram Fresh Coconut , shredded  1 Liter Milk  4 Tbsp Cashew nuts , crushed  3 Tbs Whole Almonds Flakes PROCEDURE - 1. Take rice and soak for 1 hour. 2. Take soaked rice , grated coconut and make a smooth paste. 3. Take ghee in a palm and make a round small ball (like Gulab Jamun). 4. In a deep pan boil the milk and evaporated milk to 1/4th . 5. Simmer in low flame until milk thickens. Add the rest of the sugar, cardamom powder and heat the milk some more. 6. Now one by one drop the rice balls into the boiling milk and continue stirring. 7.You can make a paste with 1 tablespoon of rice powder and add it to the milk to thicken it. 8. Add the coconut in the end along with slivered cashew and almonds. Serve it cool. 9. Serve Khira Gaintha on its own as a delicious dessert after your satisfying meal.

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