The Sustainable Future of Food In The Workplace

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21 Dec, 21 11:25
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Chef Satish 

The Sustainable Future of Food In The Workplace

The catering industry is responding to an increased focus on food waste, wellbeing and sustainability. The challenge is to provide wholesome food that meets crucial corporate social responsibility targets, while answering consumer demand for nutrition.
We are all used to seeing an unseasonal array to produce practically everywhere we go to buy food. Now, there is a renewed focus on food supply chains across the world. Food prices are increasing globally, while food security is decreasing.
In order for cities and local governments to efficiently and effectively recycle food waste, actions taken at the household level or industrial level to separate it out are essential. Recycling schemes only work when waste is properly sorted at the source. Judiciously used, regulations can spur households and businesses to reduce food waste and better manage it when it is time to recycle.

Rather than merely disposing of such waste in landfills, the use of bio gas plant  to break it down into digestive ,which can be used as fertilizer  and biogas. Which can be used as an energy source or injected into the gas grid.  Which   is environmentally preferable to both composting and landfill disposal.
Where digestion is not possible, composting represents the best fall-back option. At the individual level, home composting can potentially divert up to 150 kg of food waste per household per year from local collection authorities.

Finally, incineration of food waste with the energy released being recovered presents the option of last resort for preventing food waste from ending up in landfills. Methane emissions from landfills represent one of the largest sources of GHG emissions from the waste sector.
Processing, treating and disposing biodegradable waste through composting and bio Methanation is a part of Swatch Bharat Mission activities for Udaipur.
Being a chef I am always thinking to reduce the food waste but 100% is not possible for this hotel industry. To utilize the wastage i have got a solution from Vaayu: A decentralised waste to energy solution for everyone.
Vaayu is a biogas technology which will convert food waste to cooking gas (Methane). This is a completely biologically driven living process and it requires no running energy and it operates silently. A developed modular technology just like solar panels. This technology is human scale and can be easily operated by one person. The modularity makes the system robust as even if there is a problem in one module, it does not bring down the whole system. With this module from wastage we can generate cooking gas and fertilizer.
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Chef Satish 
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