It’s Good, It’s “Gur-Tastic”

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04 Jan, 20 07:52
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The awaited taste of ‘Nolen and PataliGur’now available at www.JustMyRoots.com

It’s Good, It’s “Gur-Tastic”

“Nolen and Patali Gur”, an intrinsic part of Bengali culture and a suitable substitute for sugar, is now available across IndiaGet your hands on this winter delicacy at the comfort of your homes now with www.JustMyRoots.com.

Available during the Winter months of the year in India. Nolen Gur is made from the Sap of the Date Palm Tree. This Sap is drained and stored in containers overnight. The next day the liquid is then boiled and stirred and left to cool and thicken.

This is an ingredient which can be used to alter the flavour in any dish, and now you can access it in its purest form. Mother’s who cook at home can use Gur in making sweet dishes for festive occasions such as cakesor you can add it in a hot beverage, such as tea, in place of sugar. It can even change the taste of your spicy meals by reducing the spiciness or you can have it as a delicious dessert after a scrumptious meal.

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