Ayurveda mixture is effective for the prevention of lumpi

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27 Sep, 22 10:01
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Moolchand Peswani

Ayurveda mixture is effective for the prevention of lumpi

Sri Navagraha Gaudarshan Gaushala, run by Shrinavgraha Ashram Seva Sansthan, located at Motibor Ka Kheda in Bhilwara district, has prepared the medicine from the Ayurveda mixture prepared by the research team for the prevention of lumpy disease in cows in the country. This medicine is being distributed free of cost for the treatment of cows.
 In a week, more than 27 thousand medicine packets have been distributed. In this, 7 thousand parcels have been delivered to the cattle owners through Bhilwara Dairy. Medicines are being distributed from Navagraha Ashram itself. Any animal owner can reach there and get it. Dosing an animal for only three days shows excellent results, and the number of deaths of animals is being stopped.
Hansraj Chaudhary, founder and president of Shrinavgraha Ashram Seva Sansthan said that the research team Ayurveda had prepared the medicine from an Ayurveda mixture based on the government's guidelines. A packet of 300 grams of the drug has been designed by mainly including Amla, Giloy, Black pepper, Turmeric, Sanaya leaves, Ashwagandha, Neem leaves, Kalmegh, Shyam Tulsi, Rock salt, and Kalijiri. All the components are taken in equal quantity in it. Mix this mixture in 500 grams of jaggery, make six laddus or liquid, and feed it to a cow suffering from lumpi disease. 
After giving two doses in the morning and evening, the disease seems to end on the third day. Chaudhary said that apart from the Bhilwara district, about 27 thousand medicine packets have been distributed to the cattle farmers of Rajsamand, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Bundi, Kota, and Ajmer.
 Under this, treatment is being done in an Ayurvedic way. In this, 7 thousand have been delivered to the livestock farmers of the district through Bhilwara Dairy. These medicine packets have been given to the dairy at the request of Revenue Minister Ramlal Jat. He told that this treatment is the same as at the time of corona, man had increased the immunity of his body through the Ayurvedic method. Chaudhary said that the Ayurvedic approach effectively boosts immunity, allowing animals to fight that disease.
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d that when these laddoos are fed to the cow, she is also eating well. Also, when the cattle have a high fever and swollen lymph glands, a lot of saliva comes from the mouth, a burning sensation in the nose and eyes. A sick animal should be bathed with neem, camphor, and cow urine of a healthy cow. If water is coming and there are large wounds in many parts of the body of the animal, from which pus is coming, then smoke should be done around the animal. The cowshed and its premises should be washed by adding phenyl to this mixture. It is an important drug to prevent virus infection.
Chaudhary told that the medicines prepared by Navagraha Ashram had shown promising results. An ashram is giving this medicine absolutely free of cost. Initially, after reaching the village, the treatment was given, but due to the high demand, now only the cattle owners who run the ashram could provide it. Due to the time taken in making and packing the medicine, distribution is not being done outside.
The cow giving milk is suffering the most. Mahipal Chaudhary, director of Navagraha Ashram Godarshan Gaushala, said that the lumpy disease, which starts with a common fever, profoundly affects the cows. After recovering from the illness, the cow can give only half the milk than before. It is taking at least a month for him to return to normalcy. This disease spread in cows is causing significant economic loss to the cattle farmers. 
The animal is becoming very weak due to the disease. The more the lump is visible outside the body, the more it hurts the animal inside. To relieve the animal's groaning from pain and fever, it is necessary to give Ayurveda medicine. Due to illness, he stops eating and drinking. Due to this, the condition of many cows becomes such that they are not able to give even enough milk to drink to their calf. The effect of lumpi is more visible in those animals whose immunity is already weak. The animal becomes more vulnerable due to disease. It is natural to affect milk production. If animal husbandry gives sufficient nutritious food to the healthy animal from the disorder, then the animal will become as milky as before.
The founder president of the ashram, Hansraj Chaudhary, said that animal husbandry should also take these precautions to prevent lumpi. The premises where the cows are kept should be kept clean and tidy. The sick animal should be bathed with a healthy cow's neem, camphor, and cow urine. The cowshed and its premises should be washed by adding phenyl to this mixture. The sick cow should be isolated on one side. There should be smoke on the premises so that there are no flies and mosquitoes. Air should be arranged for the cows by installing fans.

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