Will there be peace or unrest in the house? It depends on the sas and bahu - Samkit Muni

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05 Aug, 22 04:52
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Will there be peace or unrest in the house? It depends on the sas and bahu - Samkit Muni

Bhilwara(PawanGarg):Therewillbepeace orunrestinthehouse;itsmostsignificantresponsibility is on the mother-in-law. If there is no coordinationbetweenthem,thenmistakesstart. Themother-in-lawshouldnotexpectmorethan a limit from the daughter-in-law. The daughter-in-law has a mother-in-law for free, but the mother-in-law gets a daughter-in-law after 25 years of hardwork.These thoughtswere given by the intellect of Pragya Maharishi Dr. Samkit Muniji, M.S. He expressed his regular Chaturmasik discourses on Sunday morning atShantiBhavanwhilecelebratingSaas-Bahu Diwas. They said that If you get a cultured husband, it is because of the mother-in-law; if this thinking comes in life, then there will be no ill-will towards the mother-in-law. The daughter-in-law thinks a happy family is because of the mother-in-law, and the mother-in-law thinks the girl has not come for me. With this thinking, there will be love and goodwill towards each other. Munishree said that if we take the blessings of elders from home, then wherever we go, the benefits of elders will protect us. Wheneverthereisacomparison, youfindtrouble. If you are not happy with what you got, then what is the guarantee that what you get will give you happiness. He said that if you praise the children of others in front of your children, you will sow the seeds of ill-will in their minds. Sakit Muniji M.S. said that learn to be happy with what you got. Donate peace in the house every day. The most needed is thedonationofthispeace.Ifallthefamilymembers donate it, there cannot be unrest. Inthediscourse,thesingingskillsof Jayvant muniji M.S.,PrernakushalBhavantmuniji M.S. Also found support. Chaturmas convener Navratanmal Bamb welcomed the guests. President Rajendra Chipped did the president of the Shree Sangh. Operations Minister Rajendra Surana did it. Coupons were given to the mother-in-law, and the lucky couple was rewarded in the program.

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