Martyr Amrita Devi Vishnoi Park in Samelia

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05 Aug, 22 04:49
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Martyr Amrita Devi Vishnoi Park in Samelia

Bhilwara: The All India Mahasabha open session was held in Samelia Mandir Dham. The Mahatmas came from every corner of the country of Vishnoi society, and officials and public representatives of social organizations participated. In the program to be organized on the holy festival of Gurupurnima, in the presence of Saint Bhagwan Prakash of Bhilwara MahasabhaandSameliaVikasSevaSamiti,PithadhiswarrespectedRamanandJiMaharajofSalasarSaathi,MahantofShriSachidanand Ji and Garima Mayi Saints of the place was completed in the presence of Saints. President of Samelia Development Institute and Bhilwara District (Vishnoi Samaj) Shri Amarchand Bishnoi told in the welcome address that behind Samelia Dham, Rana Sanga of Mewar, the immediate king of Mewar, built a temple to Bilhoji's discipleAgnanddas Ji Maharaj, two stepwells, 200 bighas of land including Surajpol. Udaipur Maharaj was given a lease. It was unanimously decided to develop this land as Amritadevi Udyan, Rana Sanga Memorial Forest, and Oxygen Park. On this demand, Rajasthan's Minister of State for Revenue Sukhram Bishnoi told that the Revenue Minister and MLAof this area, Shri Ramlal Ji Jat was to come as the chief guest. Couldn't come for some reason. On this occasion, Sukhram Vishnoi Minister of State for Revenue said that if Bishnoi society develops this area from the perspective of the environment, then this area can be made green with DMFT FUND.On this occasion, IAS officer Shri Premsukh Bishnoi said that Pur is a village affected by Samelia and Dariba mining area. To develop these villages from the point of view of the environment, money from the DMFT fund should be prioritized. In this regard, talking to Shri Ramlal Ji Jat and District Collector, Bhilwara will be provided as a campaign. All India Vishnoi Mahasabha passed a resolution fo the construction of a Dharamshala in public cooperation for the development of Samelia temple and that every year Gurupurnima fair and regular visitors will always get benefits.Lohawat MLA Shri Kisnaram Vishnoi said that for the protection of the ancient heritage of Vishnoi society, after talking to the Chief Minister and the Revenue Minister, the action plan for its development would be taken forward.On this occasion, Mahasabha President Shri Devendra Vishnoi said that the Mahasabha and Sevak Dal would work in this area to preserve this ancient heritage and organize a fair every year.This area will be developed as an oxygen hub for Bhilwara from the point of view of the environment.

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