Youth death rate in India is getting higher in road accidents

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05 Feb, 20 10:25
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Public awareness is necessary to avoid road accidents

Youth death rate in India is getting higher in road accidents

The world's youngest country, India is losing one and a half million youths every year in  road accidents. Every year, the number of deaths in road accidents is increasing rapidly and the number of injured is not certain.

  The number of people who have lost their limbs in the accidents every year is also increasing. Accidents are also increasing in India as fast as the number of vehicles and drivers are increasing.  There has been a huge increase in the number of vehicles on the roads, which also causes problems, indiscipline and negligence.

  Due to traveling in the bus every day, I am well aware that by stopping vehicles in the middle of the road, passengers are constantly being seated which not only affects the traffic but also there is a possibility of accident.  The main reason for these accidents is that we all claim to be responsible citizens, but leaving everything to the administration and Government, all citizens turn away from their duties.  In today's era, every human being has the knowledge of rights but everyone avoids the duties.  These figures of road accidents not only scare but also show the negligence of all citizens.

   The number of roads in the cities is limited but the vehicles moving are increasing. We can see at least three or four vehicles in each house.  If there are 4 members in a house, they all have two wheelers and separate cars, so it is natural to have disorganized traffic.

    People in Japan and European countries have a habit of cycling, no matter how rich they are.  But in India, a man riding a bicycle is considered poor due to which thousands of vehicles are bought every year to boast off money and power.  Roads are available in limited numbers to drive and vehicles are increasing.

    It is important to get to the root of these problems by analyzing all these reasons.  If everyday people who travel from the same place go to the office by pooling, use more public transport and try to walk and cover short distances, then many of our health related problems can be solved and there will not be too much traffic on roads.

   Is it not the duty of every man to take care of himself as well as the safety of others while walking on the road?  Administration and Government cannot  present everywhere, but law can be followed only by the awareness of citizens and then the situation in the country will improve.

     The general public should perform their duties vigilantly with rights which can help in solving this problem.

Walking on the road, there should be space for the pedestrians and the vehicles should be systematically stand in their designated place. Drivers must take care while boarding the passengers and do not do overloading so that the vehicle can be prevented from turning or accidents. 

Similarly, heavy vehicles should not enter the city from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, so that traffic on the roads is not affected and accidents are reduced.

  All people walking on the road should know the rules of traffic, otherwise their licenses should be canceled.  It is important to continuously educate people about not taking drugs & hard drinks while driving, wearing helmets, wearing seat belts and other traffic rules.

  From time to time, efforts are made by the administration and strictness is shown which is very necessary to protect our lives.  But I believe that a person needs to be vigilant himself to protect his life.  I have lost my husband in an accident, I am well aware of the pain which my family and I have suffered. Therefore, with folded hands, it is my prayer to pay attention to the families who have died in road accidents and there is no livelihood available to run their families. Please avoid road accidents and consider your life invaluable.  Do not wear helmets and seat belts for fear of police, administration and money, use these tools to protect your family and self.

  I am very surprised to see that when we travel abroad, we follow the traffic and other rules well and praise them wholeheartedly, but when we come to our country, we forget all the rules and we play a part in breaking every rule.

   Is it not the duty of the common man to cooperate with the administration and Government and follow the rules made by them?

   If all the common people do not give their minor children to drive the vehicle and do not offer to pay money when they are caught on the road, suffer the challan and follow the traffic rules properly from the next day, then road accidents can be reduced to the minimum.

   In a country like India, it is very sad for the youth to untimely die like this.  It is very important to save the lives of the youth so that the country can progress and walk on the path of development.  Never think that this incident is happening only in the house of another person.  Every life is as valuable to us as that sufferer's family.  Realizing this today, vow to follow the rules of traffic and educate your children to keep away from speed and carelessness while walking on the road.

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