UNESCO Temple to Goddess Saraswati

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04 Mar, 24 11:22
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UNESCO Temple to Goddess Saraswati

In a groundbreaking endeavor, Gopal Lal Mali, a devoted follower of Goddess Saraswati and a social activist, has erected the first-ever UNESCO Temple dedicated to the goddess in Vastra Nagari Bhilwara. Located in Devchhaya Vihar Colony, this sacred space not only radiates positive energy but also bestows blessings on visitors seeking guidance in their life pursuits. Celebrating its first anniversary, the Saraswati Temple on Kota Road in Eran stands as a hub for educational, economic, and social development, reflecting Mali's vision for inclusivity. The temple's unique design, housing an impressive idol of Goddess Saraswati alongside Hanuman and Radha-Krishna sculptures, underscores its significance in fostering spiritual positivity. Gopal Lal Mali's personal investment of over 5 million INR highlights his commitment to creating a sanctuary that transcends religious boundaries, emphasizing the potential of religious spaces to contribute to holistic community development. The upcoming UNESCO Temple Spring Fair is poised to draw a multitude of devotees, underscoring the enduring role of such temples in promoting social, educational, and spiritual upliftment.

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