If you want happiness for yourself, give happiness to others - Sadhvi Dr. Chintan Shri Masa

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27 Sep, 22 09:56
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If you want happiness for yourself, give happiness to others - Sadhvi Dr. Chintan Shri Masa

In the Chaturmasik Dharma Sabha organized at Ahimsa Bhawan in Bhilwara Shastrinagar, Mahasadhvi Madhu Kanwar said that jealousy and malice are the two main demerits of human beings, which is enough to make him sad. If these feelings remain in the mind continuously for a long time, it forms a mental disorder. The question and the problem are why a man is unhappy with the happiness of others. There can be two types of sick people in life, one who is sad because of their misery while the other are those who are unhappy because of the happiness of others. The former may deserve sympathy, while those in the second category also deserve sympathy, but their context will change.
 Sadhvi Pratibha Kanwar Masa explained that if we cannot give happiness to someone, then he has no right to hurt him. It is said that happiness increases by sharing. The desire to see others happy is also perhaps a trick to increase one's happiness. Wishing for the enjoyment of others will prevent us from being unhappy with the joy of others. The same thoughts will remain in our minds if we want to hurt others. Sadhvi Chintan Shri Masa said that in life, many questions cannot be answered, and sometimes many questions can be answered by some.
 Whenever a person is most unhappy, he should ask himself, who is he disgusted with? From the happiness of others or your misery? Seeing others happy, we feel sad or hurt, so are we destroying our joy and peace? If we rejoice in the happiness of others, we may also find people wishing for our own happiness. Scholars say that if you want happiness, give it happiness. The choice is our own whether we wish joy or sorrow. 
Manish Bamb, the convener of the campaign committee, said that the four-day women's awakening camp had ended. The camp was organized daily from 2 pm to 4 pm, in which many women above 45 years of age participated. Shri Sangh Patron Hemant Anchaliya, President Ashok Pokharna, Minister Sushil Chaplot, Vice President Himmat Singh Bapna, Jatan Jain, Co-Minister Dinesh Mehta, Treasurer Jaswant Singh Daglia, Bherusinh Babel, Amar Singh Babel, etc. were present.

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