Chittorgarh’s Tuljabhavani Mata Temple and The wall of Banvir

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26 Jul, 21 10:37
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Chittorgarh’s Tuljabhavani Mata Temple and The wall of Banvir

Sriganganagar : After entering the Chittorgarh fort, the first temple on the main road is the temple of Tuljabhawani Mata. The vehicle of the editorial goddess Mata, a lion is enshrined at the entrance on the higher space and it has a sculpted trident too near by. The idol of Mahishasurmardini is sculpted on a stone rock placed on the back side of the temple and on one side the Shivling and Nandi are enshrined.
We do not have any clear information about who got this temple built, but according to some historians, this temple was built during the reign of Banvir (1536-1540), the slave of Prithviraj, son of Maharana Raimal. Banveer, taking advantage of the unstable political situation of Mewar after the death of Maharana Ratna Singh, had killed Vikramaditya, the then young and inept ruler of Mewar and tried to kill his younger brother Udai Singh too, but he was saved by Panna Dhai. Panna Dhai saved his life by sacrificing her son's life. Later Maharana Udai Singh with the help of the loyal chieftains occupied Mewar again. In the Tulja Bhavani temple, the idol of another goddess was probably installed in the past, in the later period, when the Marathas dominated Mewar, the idol of Ma Tulja Bhavani, the Kuldevi of the Marathas, was installed. Banveer had seized power by deceit and he was a maid's son, so he always had the fear of rebellion of the loyal chieftains of Mewar so he tried to get a wall built inside the fort for security, but he was driven out before it was completed . In front of the Tulja Bhavani Mata temple in the fort, a wall built by Banveer in an attempt to build a protective wall in the fort is visible, which is still known as the wall of Banvir. Visitors must visit the Chittorgarh Fort and see the temple of Maa Tulja Bhavani and the wall built by Banveer.

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