Do not compete for success and happiness - in Chetan Bhagat

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04 Feb, 20 11:38
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Do not compete for success and happiness - in Chetan Bhagat

Students should have a particular interest in the vibratingcareercelebration Bhilwara (Pawan Garg): The novelist Chetan Bhagat said that to achieve success inlife,donot competewithothers if you want to compete, do it yourself,moveaheadby settingspecificgoalsinlife.Should be found, we should be able to leave the pain, pain, and pain, then only we will be happy.ChetanBhagatsaidthat entire books could be written bywriting two pages, and long hard work can be achieved in smallpieces;elephantscanbe eateninsmallpieces.Students canbeMademobileawarethat it is eating us like drugs; we should stay away from it. It was said in the afternoon at the vibrant 2020 Career Festival in Rajiv Gandhi Auditorium to about 3000 students filled with joy, and the eventwasorganizedunderthe joint aegis of Maheshwari Professional Forum, District Maheshwari Sabha, Srinagar Maheshwari Sabha.At the beginning of the ceremony, guest Mr. Rampal Soni, R.K. N.Naulakha,RajkumarKalya, City Council Chairman Manju Ch e c h a n i , De e pa k M a h e s hwa ri , So u r a v M a h e s hwa ri , Br a j e s h Maheshwari, Anil Bhandari, young Gopal Ji, Kailash Kothari, Moulin sir, lit the lamp beforeLord MaheshBhilwara DistrictCollectorMr.Rajendra Bhatinspectedtheentireevent and gave its response and showed a particularinterest in the program. Sangam Group MD Shri Rampal Soni said that a lot of changes are going to come in the coming times, students shouldunderstandandchoose their career accordingly, and told the students that there would be many challenges in every field but also solutions. So don't be disappointed. Brijesh Maheshwari, who comes fromAllenKota, told all the students the picture of the country to come and said that the children should choose the newheights of their career and give a return gift to their parents. Moulin, sir, Anil Bhandari also gave a motivational speech to the children during the ceremony. After that, eight girls of RamaKathak Institute staged GaneshVandanainRajasthani costumes. During the program, the musical concourse Meenu Sharma tied the guitar with youth-based songs. Media in-charge Mahavir Samdanisaidthat100students whowereawardedintheTalent Search Examination. Out of which, the best 3 are as follows:9thJiyaKacholia,Manish Hinger andAditi Gagrani in 10 class,AnshulSoni,RishiBirla, Nehal Sethi in 11 Keshavi Jagatia, Anchal Maheshwari, Curiosity Devpura. NavdhaJain,ITI Nainavati, andKrishnaMaheshwari in11 Commerce,ShwetaJagatiya, Shubham Upadhyay, and Aman Ranka were the best in 12 Science. The top 20 students from each class were s e l e c te d a n d rewarded.Stationary Bank inaugurated and given by Chetan Bhagat to all children during the oath ceremony of plastic-free Bhilwara, the first station in Bhilwara was l a u n c h e d b y th e Ba n k Maheshwari Professional Forum, in which you tiffin box to make your birthday or any family celebrationmemorable This stationery will be distributed among the needy students by donating geometry box or school bag. InRajivGandhiAuditorium, the career celebration was organized by 15 university institutes in which students learned the options on CACS MedicalAdministrativeService Hotel Management Law Architect, etc. All students were given a free 36-page career booklet. Studentshavealreadyentered online registration By card based on.

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