Chittorgarh Fort Festival 2020

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06 Jan, 20 10:40
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Dance performances from all the provinces of India spread different colors

Chittorgarh Fort Festival 2020

Chittorgarh   India is famous for it's unity in diversity.  Today, on the second evening of the Chittorgarh Fort Festival, the cultural evening started by District Collector Chetan Deora. 

 In this, folk artists from different provinces gave their presentations and made them spell bound.  During this program, we got a chance to observe the traditional dance of Kashmir.  At the same time, people and guests were very happy to see the famous folk dances of Gujarat, Odisha and Haryana with their own colorful Rajasthan State.

 The province of Punjab is known for it's cheerfulness and happiness. The famous folk dance of Punjab, Bhangra, was presented by the folk artists on the stage of Chittorgarh today, which was welcomed by the audience of Rajasthan with lots of applause.

 Listening to a Sufi song like 'O Lal Mori' in a different style, the atmosphere got completely colored in spiritual colors.  Although this popular song has been sung by many famous artists in the past but its speculation was unique in itself.

 There is so much diversity in the culture of India, yet seeing the cultural colors of all the provinces on the same platform, it seems that even today, no other country like India has such a vast cultural heritage.  Today, these artists have enhanced the pride of not only Chittorgarh but the entire State by giving such spectacular performances.  For this, thanks to all these artists wholeheartedly, today, due to them, we got an opportunity to get familiar with the culture of every State.

 Chittorgarh Fort Festival 2020 is entertaining us with it's varied colors and will be remembered for years.

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