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Chittorgarh Fort festival 2020

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28 Dec, 19 10:10
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The city of glorious history and spirituality is hosting 2nd Chittorgarh Fort Festival CFF from 3rd to 5th January.

Chittorgarh Fort festival 2020

To bring positive socio-economic change through the culture, the festival is extending opportunities to many local art-craftsmen and vendors to showcase, promote and sell their products. 

The festival will surely boost the global fame of Chittorgarh and attract many tourists travelling around Rajasthan State. ADM, Chittorgarh Kalal told that each day from 3rd to 5th January  different events will be held from morning 9 am to night 10 pm. He further added that performances by artists coming from all the five cultural zones of India will be an interesting opportunity for art lovers. 

With immense pleasure he appealed that all the Governmental Organizations, and Officials, NGOs, Schools and Colleges, Art & Cultural institutions, Hoteliers, Tour operators, Business groups and Communities must participate in every event of the festival to make it one of the most successful festivals.

The purpose of these programs is not only entertaining but also to arouse the enthusiasm of people towards their traditions and old games.

   Performances by folk artists will not only promote the art and culture but will also create the passion to do something in this field among the people of Chittorgarh. The city will be visited by the artists and contestants coming to Chittorgarh Fort Festival and people will get to know and learn a lot from them. This type of event was also organized for Chittorgarh city last year, but this time this will increase it's attraction by incorporating many new things in this festival.

The most important element in the folk dance is the society itself. Folk dances show the human emotions like happiness, love, hate, compassion etc. The important events of life are portrayed through the folk dances collectively. The folk dances of any community or country reflects the lifestyle and glimpse of rich cultural heritage much more effectively than classical dancing. The reason is that the basic element of culture of any community or country is embedded in its rural life. 

Folk dances have been performed since ancient times. They are the reflection of traditional values, enjoyment and spiritual faith of the people. Unlike classical dance one does not have to pay attention to counting of beats. In folk dances single person does not perform but groups of dancers perform and present the art and culture of their particular areas. The popular folk dances performed in different regions of Rajasthan will also be seen in this Chittorgarh Fort festival.

On 21st June 2013, World heritage committee of UNESCO included the Chittorgarh as World Heritage place in the conference of World Heritage Committee at Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Chittorgarh fort is situated at the bank of Gambhiri and Bedach rivers. Chittorgarh Fort is one of the largest Forts in Asia and has a dignified history that's why it has a leading position in Indian history.

For the publicity of its historical places, art, and cultural importance among the domestic and foreign tourists, district administration is going to organize a grand 3 days Fort Festival from 3rd January to 5th January 2020. 

 Highlights and Events of

Chittorgarh Fort Festival 2020

Hot Air Balloon and Kite Flying

Yes, you have heard correctly, you will enjoy both of these in this upcoming  Chittorgarh Fort Festival 2020. 

You will see amazing views, giant balloon flying in the air and people enjoying it's ride. There will  be so many attractive shapes of kites flying in  the sky. Kite flying is always be fun moment for everyone. Both Hot Air Balloon and Kite flying will be organized at Gora Badal Stadium and Fateh Prakash Museum respectively at 10:00 A.M.

Talent Of Chittorgarh

This event is dedicated to talented performers of Chittorgarh. Performers will entertain and mesmerize you by their extraordinary skills. This event will be continued to all three days which will be full of enjoyment and entertainment. This event is divided into three parts,  1st day for group dancing, 2nd day for solo dancing and 3rd day for solo singing. This event will be held at Fateh Prakash Museum by 12:30 P.M. 

Last but not least, the female singer of ‘Kheench Meri Photo’ fame, from movie 'Sanam Teri Kasam', Akasa Singh, is going to perform in upcoming Chittorgarh Fort Festival.

 She began her career from a reality show and she had participated in Sony Music India. Akasa Singh gave her first single pop song 'Thug Ranjha' which has been crossed over 27 million views on Youtube and this song became the most viewed Indian music song. 

 She had joined Mika Singh's band before becoming a professional singer. She debuted her career from Mika Singh's band where she was the only girl among 10 members of that band. In 2014, she participated in "India Raw Star" as a contestant. Akasa Singh will perform in a Culture Evening Event at Gora Badal Stadium in Chittorgarh Fort Festival on 5th Jan 2020.

 So don't miss this festival, be ready to hang on the mesmerizing singing of Akasa Singh and many more breath taking moments.

Come and be a part of this cultural heritage.


Ritu Sodhi 

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