Industrialist Parimal Nathwani offered prayer to Lord Shrinathji 

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20 Dec, 23 08:48
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Industrialist Parimal Nathwani offered prayer to Lord Shrinathji 

Renowned industrialist and member of the Shrinathji Temple Mandal, Mr. Parimal Nathwani, offered his heartfelt prayers to Lord Shrinathji during a divine ceremony held at the haveli of the Pushtimargiya principal seat, Prabhu Shrinathji, on Friday, December 8, 2023. Following the darshan of the divine offering, Mr. Sudhakar Upadhyay, the temple official, respectfully draped him with a shawl, presented an upper cloth, a quilt, and offered prasad, marking the conclusion of the devotional ceremony.
The event witnessed the presence of key personalities from the Shrinathji Temple, including Mr. Bharat Bhushan Vyas, Chief Administrator, Mr. Anil Sanadhya, Assistant Officer of Shrinathji Temple, Mr. Leeladhar Purohit, Secretary of Tilakayat Shri, Mr. Girish Vyas, Media Coordinator, Mr. Harsh Sanadhya, Jamadar, and Kailash Paliwal, along with several devout Vaishnav followers.
This ceremony marked a significant occasion for devotees to witness the spiritual connection with Lord Shrinathji and the traditional practices followed in the Pushtimargiya tradition.

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