Battle of Titans : BJP vs Congress in Udaipur's 2023 Assembly Elections - A Close Look at the Six Key Constituencies Where the Political Landscape Takes Center Stage

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20 Dec, 23 08:46
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Battle of Titans : BJP vs Congress in Udaipur's 2023 Assembly Elections - A Close Look at the Six Key Constituencies Where the Political Landscape Takes Center Stage

The 2023 Assembly Elections in Udaipur District unfolded with meticulous planning and execution, ensuring a transparent and impartial counting process. The district election officers, led by Arvind Poswal, played a crucial role in maintaining order and fairness throughout the event.
The use of technology, such as the real-time updates through the Election Commission's Encore software, provided the public with immediate and accurate information about the ongoing counting process. The establishment of a Media Cell further enhanced media coverage, keeping journalists informed with live updates displayed on screens via projectors.
The election results revealed interesting outcomes across the 8 constituencies in Udaipur District:
Gogunda Assembly Constituency:
- Winner: Pratap Lal Bhil (BJP)
- Runner-up: Dr. Mangilal Garasia (Congress)
- Third Position: Uday Lal Bhil (Bharatiya Adivasi Party)
- NOTA: 3,517 votes
Jhadol Assembly Constituency:
- Winner: Babulal Kharadi (BJP)
- Runner-up: Hiralal Darangi (Congress)
- Third Position: Dinesh Pandoor (Bharatiya Adivasi Party)
- NOTA: 6,488 votes
Khedwada Assembly Constituency:
- Winner: Dr. Dayaram Paramar (Congress)
- Runner-up: Nana Lal Ahari (BJP)
- Third Position: Praveen Kumar Paramar (BTP)
- NOTA: 3,265 votes
Udaipur City Assembly Constituency:
- Winner: Tara Chand Jain (BJP)
- Runner-up: Prof. Gaurav Vallabh (Congress)
- Third Position: Manoj Labana (AAP)
- NOTA: 1,579 votes
Udaipur Rural Assembly Constituency:
- Winner: Foolsingh Meena (BJP)
- Runner-up: Dr. Vivek Kataria (Congress)
- Third Position: Amit Kumar Kharaadi (Bharatiya Adivasi Party)
- NOTA: 2,703 votes
Mavli Assembly Constituency:
- Winner: Pushkar Lal Dangi (Congress)
- Runner-up: Krishnagopal Paliwal (BJP)
- Third Position: Kuldeepsingh Chauhan (Janta Sena Rajasthan)
- NOTA: 2,209 votes
Vallabhnagar Assembly Constituency:
- Winner: Uday Lal Dangi (BJP)
- Runner-up: Preeti Gajendrasingh Shaktawat (Congress)
- Third Position: Deependrasingh Bheendhar (Janata Sena Rajasthan)
- NOTA: 2,209 votes
Salumber Assembly Constituency:
- Winner: Amrit Lal Meena (BJP)
- Runner-up: Raghuvir Singh Meena (Congress)
- Third Position: Jitesh Kumar Meena (Bharatiya Adivasi Party)
- NOTA: 3,702 votes
Strategic Moves of BAP:
The Bharatiya Adivasi Party, created by a faction of the Congress, strategically positioned itself to sway tribal voters away from the BJP. This move proved to be a game-changer, causing a significant setback for the Congress in Gogunda, Jhadol, Khedwada, Salumber, Vallabhnagar, Udaipur City, Udaipur Rural, and Mavli assembly seats.
Gogunda's Electoral Upset:In Gogunda, BAP candidate Uday Lal Bhil garnered 8094 votes, influencing the outcome as Congress's Mangilal Garasia faced defeat with 84162 votes. The BJP's Pratap Bhil emerged victorious with 87827 votes, highlighting the substantial impact of BAP in altering the traditional political equations.
Jhadol's Remarkable Performance:BAP showcased remarkable performance in Jhadol, securing the third position with 44503 votes. The BJP's Babulal Kharadi emerged victorious with 67537 votes, defeating the Congress candidate Hiralal Darangi, who received 70049 votes. The BAP's influence here was undeniable, playing a pivotal role in shaping the electoral dynamics.
Khedwada's Voting Patterns Altered:In Khedwada, despite the Congress candidate Dr. Dayaram Paramar's victory with 77342 votes, the BAP's Dinesh Pandor received 44503 votes, showcasing the party's ability to sway votes significantly. The BJP's Nana Lal Ahari secured 60098 votes, further emphasizing the BAP's impact on voting patterns.
Salumber's Critical Blow to Congress: A critical blow to the Congress was witnessed in Salumber, where the BAP candidate Jitesh Kumar Meena secured 51691 votes, defeating the Congress candidate Raghuvir Singh Meena, who received 65395 votes. The impact of BAP was decisive, leading to a notable victory for the BJP and a setback for the Congress by 14691 votes.
Udaipur City's Electoral Dynamics Shifted:
In Udaipur City, BJP's Tara Chand Jain secured 97466 votes, overpowering Congress's Prof. Gaurav Vallabh with 64695 votes. The BAP's minimal presence here did not go unnoticed, as the overall electoral dynamics witnessed a shift in favor of the BJP.
Udaipur Rural's Decisive Influence:The BJP's Poolsingh Meena emerged victorious in Udaipur Rural with a whopping 103039 votes, defeating Congress's Dr. Vivek Kataria with 75694 votes. 
The BAP's candidate Amit Kumar Kharaadi secured 25172 votes, further adding to the complex electoral landscape.
Despite losses, the role of BAP in shaping the electoral outcomes cannot be ignored. The 2023 Assembly Elections will be remembered for the unexpected turns, with BAP leaving an indelible mark on the political canvas of Udaipur, challenging conventional political narratives and setti ng the stage for intriguing possibilities in the days to come

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