Men's Struggles and Achievements: International Men's Day Perspective

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07 Dec, 23 11:37
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Author: Lalit Garg

Men's Struggles and Achievements: International Men's Day Perspective

International Men's Day, observed globally on November 19th, serves as a platform to raise awareness about various challenges faced by men, such as parental alienation, abuse, homelessness, underemployment, and violence. Contrary to stereotypes, men also grapple with issues that deserve recognition and understanding. The theme for 2023, 'Zero Male Suicide,' underscores the importance of focusing on men's health and well-being.
Initiated in 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago, International Men's Day is now celebrated in more than 80 countries. Recognized by the United Nations, the day aims to celebrate the contributions of men to family, society, and various aspects of life. Amid societal changes, men are challenging traditional stereotypes and raising awareness about their struggles.
In the quest for equality, it is crucial to acknowledge the multifaceted roles men play in society. Far from being mere oppressors, men contribute significantly to family dynamics, child-rearing, and societal development. The day encourages discussions on men's physical and mental health, dispelling misconceptions surrounding their well-being.
Efforts to make International Men's Day as impactful as Women's Day highlight a shift in societal perspectives. Men are increasingly vocal about exploitation, harassment, and neglect, challenging the notion that these issues predominantly affect women. Recognizing men's grievances fosters a more inclusive dialogue on gender-related challenges.
In India, calls for a Ministry of Men's Development and a National Men's Commission echo the need for a comprehensive approach to address men's issues. Various NGOs are actively working to shed light on domestic violence against men. A study by 'Save Indian Family Foundation' and 'My Nation' revealed that over ninety percent of husbands in India experienced domestic violence in a three-year relationship.International Men's Day serves as a reminder to appreciate men's contributions, challenge stereotypes, and address their unique struggles. While celebrating achievements, it calls for a nuanced understanding of the issues men face, promoting a more inclusive and empathetic society. This day reinforces the idea that true gender equality involves recognizing and addressing the challenges faced by both men and women.

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