CMHO examined the status of the Chiranjeevi scheme

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05 Aug, 22 04:31
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CMHO examined the status of the Chiranjeevi scheme

To review the facilities being provided in private hospitals under the Chief Minister  ChiranjeeviHealthInsuranceScheme,theflagship scheme of the state government, which offers free treatment to the common people of Udaipur, CMHO Dr. Dinesh Kharadi took stock of the scheme implementation in authorized the Pacific Institute of Medical Science Umrada and Geetanjali Medical under the scheme. During the inspection, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Dinesh Kharadi, while directing on the shortcomings related to the schemeinGeetanjaliandPacificHospital, said that along with the main gate of the hospital, information about Chiranjeevi Yojana and RGHSschemeandservices shouldbeingprovidedinthehospital.Thedemonstrationshould also be done at the hospital's reception and emergency gates so that the patients admitted in an emergency can get information about the scheme. Patients can take advantage of the scheme by providing necessary documentswithinthestipulatedperiod.During the inspection at Geetanjali Hospital, signage boards ofAyushmanBharat Health Insurance Scheme were found at the reception counter of the hospital, which the CMHO directed to getreplacedimmediatelyandtheChiefMinister Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme.Dr. Kharadi said that the department is preparing a booklet of packages available under the scheme, which should be kept at the reception, emergency, and registration counters in the hospital so that any patient who comes to the hospital can be informed about the package.Chiranjeevi's complaintbox shouldbepresent in every hospital. CMHO Dr. Kharadi was directed to put up a separate complaint box forany complaintrelatedtoChiranjeeviYojana in the hospital. If any person makes a complaint related to the scheme, it should be disposed of on priority by the hospital administration.Along with this, the number of the planning coordinator of the CMHO office should also be marked there so that the complainant can complain to the office if the hospital does not listen.Know the reality by communicating withthebeneficiariesoftheschemeDuringthe Pacific and Geetanjali Hospital inspection, Dr. Kharadi interacted with the patients admitted to the orthopedic ward in the hospital and inquired about the treatment and facilities. He askedthatmoneynotbetakenevenafteradmission to the scheme. Given information about free treatment under the Chiranjeevi scheme, all the patients thanked the state government for this scheme. During this, Dr. Kharadi informed the relatives of the patients about the system and inspired other people to join thescheme.Duringtheinspection,thepatients admitted under the Janani Suraksha Yojana in the Pacific Hospital also interacted. The patients were informed about the utterly free treatmentbeingprovidedbythehospital.During the inspection, Geetanjali Hospital made money fromsomepatients for consultationand examination in the OPD before admission. In contrast, there is a provision to return the said amount to the patient after being admitted per thescheme's rules.Onthis,Dr.Kharadidirected the hospital administration to repay the amount immediately and restrained so that such complaints are not received again in the future.Dr. Kharadi told that a complaint was also received from Pacific Medical College, Bhilo Ka Bedla, in this regard, in which DPC Sharad Patidar has directed to return the amount of Rs 6300 taken from the patient by talking to the hospital administration over the phoneandthehospitaladministrationhasbeen given back in this regard. A notice has also beenissued,andareplyhasbeensummoned.

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