Tikam Anjana's Book "Raj Bharat ki Chandan Si" was Released

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08 May, 22 09:17
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Tikam Anjana's Book "Raj Bharat ki Chandan Si" was Released

Under the Agies of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM) , The Book Unveil Ceremony of the Second edition of the fifth work of famous poet and officerofIndianAdministrative Service (IAS) Tikam Anjana "RajBharatkiChandanSi"was Released at Rotary Club, Binani Auditorium in the Presence of Chief Guest Deepak Nandi Divisional CommissionerKota,Presided over by Surensh Agrawal President Rotary Club Kota, SpecialGuestJitendraNirmohi Senior litterateur , Keynote Speaker Dr Manisha Sharma Professor(Hindi) JDBCollege Kota,KeynoteSpeakerVishnu Sharma “Harihar”, Inaugural AddressbyDrDeepakKumar Shri vas tava Di v i s ional L i b r a ri a n Go v e r n m e n t DivisionalPublicLibraryKota, ProgramConvenerVijayJoshi storyteller and Critic. Program is graced by important Special invitee JagadishAkash ,Vishvamitra Dadheech , Shyama Sharma Kids Writer, Shashi Jain, Dr. PritimaVyas,DrPritiSharma, Prashant Bhardwaj , Dr Naveen Sharma, Yogendra Singh Tanwar, Dr Nand Kishore Mahaver , Raguraj Singh Karmayogi, Nahush Vyas, Yogi raj Yogi, Sanjay Pa l iwa l , Ra m Sh a r m a “Kaparen”. Kota Divisional commissioner Mr. Deepak Nandi, the chief guest at the function, said that I have seen thereleaseofmanyworks,but the event which has been organizedisunique.Thisevent is also unique because here thestageandtheaudienceare seen in harmony. The truth is, today is the time to break the caste barrier and call yourself an Indian. The corruptions, malpractices, corrupt practices which are visible in the society today are the result of pervertedmentality.Thisblemish can be overcome by regular reading of good works. In this context, this book of Kavi Anjana is readable. The significanceofthiswork is important because only a writer can bring a stream of change in the country. That's why we should read and teach good motivational and instructive literature. Presidingoverthefunction, Suresh Agrawal, President, RotaryClubsaidthatintoday's time this poetry book is usefulforeveryonealongwithchildren.Jitendra Nirmohi, senior litterateur of Hindi and Rajasthani language as the special guest, said that the national voice is prominent in thereleasedworkandinwhich the author wants to sing Desh Raag by taking everyone along.Whichisneededtoday? Seeinghispoetry,itseemsthat this section can write poetry and epic. This work, engraving various aspects of the society, is a unique gift to the nectar festival of freedom. In which the aspect of literature, cultureandvalorofRajasthan can be seen. Keynotespeaker,criticand Prof.Dr.ManishaSharmasaid that since time immemorial, Sahitya has remained the guide of the society.True writers and writers have contributed significantly in the development of the society. This purpose is clearly visible and remarkable in poetTikam Anjaana's work “Raj Bharat ki Chandan Si”. In this work rich in variety of subjects, all the references of society and national interest have been presented in a simple, simple and emotional form. The poet has effectively brought to the fore the unity, equality, harmony and brotherhood of mankindwhileprovidinginspiration to the glorious past of India because all the poems in this collection are communicative. Guest speaker, senior litterateur Vishnu Sharma 'Harihar' said that this work, whichwasreleasedonthenectar festival of independence, is readable by all. The entire basis of the writing of the poet hasbeentheheroesandheroines of nature, man, anomalies, country, culture, great men and the glorious history of the country. This poetic workhasbecomeaconchshell of awakening and prayer, in which hidden implications will prove to be very beneficial for the country and society. Because Anjaana ji does not seem to make a relative effort toconnectnatureandmanwith a complete theist spirit, but in the form of a solution to the problems, facing all the problems, discussions and adversities, he does encouraging creationwork.Thispoeticwork is thebiggestfeatureofIndia's sandalwood and Kritikar.

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