Raises Awareness in Medical Fraternity of Amravati, Maharashtra

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13 Nov, 19 07:56
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Raises Awareness in Medical Fraternity of Amravati, Maharashtra

Amravati, CropLife India, an association of 18 R&D driven crop science companies, in collaboration withAmravati DistrictAdministration, today organized aContinuing MedicalEducation (CME) Program for the Doctors. The Program aimed at diseminating the information to the doctors and reorienting them on “Recognition, Management and Treatment of Pesticide exposed patients”, ensuringmedicalpractitionersareequippedtotreat patients affected by pesticide poisoning. Dr. Debabrata Kanungo addressing the doctors in Amravati, Maharashtra The reorientation workshop session led by Dr. DebabrataKanungo,wasattendedbyaround150 doctors from government and private hospitals in andaroundAmravati,Maharashtra.Theworkshop waspartofCropLifeIndia’sStewardshipprogram, which intends to guide the doctors to deal with accidental poisoning incidents occurred during improper or unsafe application of agro-chemicals. Addressing the medical professionals, Dr. Debabrata Kanungo, a WHO expert , Chairman, Scientific Panel on Pesticide Residues and Antibiotics, Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), and Former Additional Director General, Ministry of Health & Farmers Welfare, Government of India; said, “CropLife India has a long history of creating awareness and building capacity on sustainable practices to farmers through its Stewardship programs.It also is making a continuous effort through such programmes to reorient the doctors regarding the novel technologiesofhandlingandmanagingpoisoningcase due to mishandling of pesticides. This Program in Amravati is an extension to their existing curriculum to support the farmer’s community and help doctors in dealing with the basic treatment for pesticide poisoning.” Shri Shelesh Nawal, IAS, District Collector, Amravati said, “Partnership of Government and industrywillprovidetherequisiteknowledgetransfer to the farmers with the help from the medical fraternity. Awareness generation amongst the Doctors will surely lead to timely intervention and management of farmers in case of any accidentalexposuretopesticides.OurGovernmentis committed towards the growth of agriculture and such education of the medical fraternity will aid the process.” Mr. Vijay Thumake, Chief Executive Officer, Zila Parishad,Amravati, shared, “Awareness and preparedness will support all during the time of crisis. Our Government’s pledge towards the Doubling of Farmer’s Income through safe and judicious use of farm inputs will be supported by this unique initiative of training the medical fraternity.” Asitava Sen, Chief Executive officer, CropLife India; added, “CropLife India members are committed towards promoting the safe and responsibleuseofcropprotectionproductsthroughIndustry stewardshipinitiatives.Itiswidelyunderstoodthat safe use of crop protection products helps safeguarding farmer’s health and encourages sustainable agriculture.” Mr.Sen added,“CropLife India has developed adigitaleditionforHealthPractitioners'Handbook and hosted it on our website. Medical Practioners are requested to visit the CropLife India website croplifeindia.organdclickonthe‘Doctors'Manual’ tab on top right corner.” The programme focused on reorienting the doctorsonPrinciplesofRecognition,Management andtreatmentofPesticidepoisoning,generalprinciples on stabilization of a poisoned patient and dealing with basic treatment of other poisoning cases.

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