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DDA Green Development Area Policy to boost green development and curb pollution in Delhi

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14 Apr, 21 07:01
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DDA Green Development Area Policy to boost green development and curb pollution in Delhi

New Delhi: With the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has proposed to make modifications to the Master Plan- 2021 for incorporating the Green Development Area Policy, the National Real Estate De v e l o pme n t Co u n c i l (NAREDCO) organised ‘Consultative Process on DDA Green Development Policy’ Hybrid event today. Whi le addressing the NAREDCO workshop, Ms. Ma n j u Pa u l , Ad d l . Commissioner, Planning, Delhi Development Authority (DDA), said, “The Green Development Area Policy is extremely important and DDA is very keen to implement it without any delay.” Ms. Paul also appreciated the NAREDCO’s efforts in organising this consultation and indicated that the recommendations, as received would be put up to the board of inquiry and suggestions incorporated in the policy. She also indicated that the DDA would also invite NAREDCO for presenting their recommendations to the board of inquiry. The regulations will lay down a detailed procedure to ensure implementation of the policy. Mr. Hitesh Vaidya, Director, National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), highlighted that NIUA is an institution which acts as a bridge to fill the gap between policy making and development. “With the help of DDA, we have already submitted the first draft of MPD 2041. We all want and wish that change to happen in Delhi for next generation we want to become a bridge between policy makers and implementing process. I look at this workshop not just to exchange ideas but all this become part of the master plan as well.” Speaking during the inaugural session, Mr. Rajeev Talwar, Chairman, NAREDCO, said, “A huge number of people have invested in land and expected that a change will come in policy through which they will be able to monetise and give a direction to new development in the region. There are villagers, small developers and all other stakeholders expect change in policy for urban development.” Mr. Talwar further adds, “During the COVID-19 lockdown, we have seen a huge migration in India and it became a human crisis. My view is that those who have ‘Pacca House’ over their heads did not need leave.” Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, President, NAREDCO, lauded the NAREDCO efforts for holding this event and bringing together all the stakeholders to make sure the policy becomes operational well on time. Mr. Gaurav Jain, Vice President (North) NAREDCO, said, “Once this policy came into public domain, we felt that something has come back what we have lost in the last so many years. The idea is to bring NIUA, Naredco and DDA on the same platform and aim for a sustained and planned development in the city.” This one-day event brought together prominent policy decision- makers, developers, Re s i d e n ts We l fa r e Associations (RWAs) representat ives, and industry experts on a common platform to discuss and deliberate on current challenges and gaps in existing policy that need to be bridged, as well as come up with an implementable holistic action plan that leverages best practices with regard to policy reforms, legal construct and implementation framework. The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) proposed to make modifications to the Master Plan-2021 for incorp o r a t i n g th e Gr e e n Development Area Policy under Section 11-A of DD Act 1957 and released a public notice announcing the same on 24th February 2021. The authority has requested for objections/suggestions to the policy to be shared within a period of Forty-Five (45) days (by 10th April 2021).

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