Delhi Police identifies nine suspects in JNU violence case

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11 Jan, 20 08:59
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Delhi Police identifies nine suspects in JNU violence case

Delhi Police has identified nine suspects in the JNU violence case. Briefing media about the ongoing investigation in the incident that happened on the 5th of this month in the University campus, Deputy Commissioner of Police(Crime) Joy Tirkey said that the Police will serve the notices to the suspects and will ask them to explain. He said, JNU Student Union President Aishe Ghosh was also seen in the groups which vandalized the Server Room situated in the Administrative Block to sabotage the registration process. He said, a large majority of students wanted to actually register but these people were not allowing others to register which has come forward in the investigation. He said, specific students were targeted in the violence.

"Student Front of India, All India Student Federation, All India Student Association, Democratic Student Federation, ये लोग ने जा कर पेरियार हॉस्टल जो हैं वहां अटैक किया और, they were Muffled faces, some members of JNUSU were also there, in fact the President was also there, Which is cought in camera. और वहां जिनको चोट लगी उनको AIIMS, Trauma Centre और  Safdarjang Hospital ले गए . इनमे भी देखा गया specific rooms were targated."

Mr Tirkey said three cases have been registered in the violent incident and investigation is underway.

Delhi Police Spokesman, M S Randhawa said, the investigation regarding the criminal cases filed in connection with the JNU violence incident is being done by the Crime Branch.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar today said it has now become clear from the Delhi Police revelation that most of the students from Left Wing organizations were involved in the JNU violence case. Talking to media, Mr Javadekar hit out at the Opposition parties alleging that they are using them for political purpose.

"Today's revelation by police was very important because the malafide campaign which was launched for the last 3 to 4 days was painting ABVP as black and the only culprit but today it has been known that it was started by CPI and CP(M)'s students organiszation and Jawahar Lal University Students  Union ."

Department of Higher Education Secretary Amit Khare has appealed to the students of Jawaharlal Nehru University to withdraw their agitation. Mr Khare today held separate meetings with JNU Administration and students of the University. The delegation of students also comprised of JNU Students Union President Aishe Ghosh.

Vice Chancellor Professor Jagadesh Kumar informed that Students will not have to pay the service and utility charges. University Grants Commission has been requested to bear the cost of service and utility charges.

"The Utility and services charges, we are keeping it on hold and the only charges, the hostel charges the students have to pay is 300 rupees per month room rent. So beyond that there is no other expenditure to the students. And that is way we have been appealing to the students that it is just only the room rent you have to pay and all other demands have been met."

Mr Kumar informed that more than 3,500 students have already registered for the winter session of JNU. M. Jagadesh Kumar added that regular classes in the University will begin from Monday. In a statement, JNU Vice Chancellor said that University Administration is making every effort to make sure that all students and teachers have a conducive environment to pursue their academic activities. The statement from the JNU Vice Chancellor also said that the University has strengthened the security in the campus.

JNU Student leader Aishe Ghosh has said that HRD Ministry has assured the students that it will be positively intervening into the matter.   Talking to media, she said that Higher Education Secretary Amit Khare assured them that the Ministry will look into their concerns so that they do not face any issue.

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