Banana flower Fries with Tamarind Mint Relish

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08 May, 20 08:26
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Banana flower Fries with Tamarind Mint Relish

How to clean and cut banana flower 

Process of how to clean and cut banana flower. Cleaning banana flower takes time and each floret has to be cleaned separately.

1.    Before beginning, rub some oil on your palms and chopping board as board gets stained     when cleaning banana flower.

2.    In  a bowl take 2 to 2.5 cups water and add 4 to 5 Tbs of curd in it. Mix well and 

    keep aside. You can use buttermilk instead of curd solution. 

3.    Now take the banana flower and lift the bracts or the large petals. Underneath you 

    will see small florets attached on the top.

4.    Remove these florets and collect them in a plate or bowl. Clean them and again 

    start collecting them.

5.    Now take each floret and check for the two parts that need to be discarded. 

6.    Keep on working on each flower and discard the unwanted elements in a bowl or 

    a plate.

7.    Collect each cleaned flower in a bowl. Remove the bracts. Collect the flower and 

    clean them. 

Flower Fries Recipe


Banana Flower: 1 No

Corn Flour: 6 Tbs

Refined Flour: 3 Tbs 

Chili Flakes: 1 Tsp

Oregano: 1 Tsp

Garlic powder : 1Tsp

Mint Leaves Powder: 1 Tsp

Oil for Deep Fraying 

Salt To test 


1.    Take  banana florets  from buttermilk  and Blanch  it on  salted water.

2.    Cool and dry it and add salt, oregano, chili flakes , mint leaves , corn flour and 

    refined flour .

3.     Heat oil in deep pan  and fry florets till it gets crispy.

4.    Transfer it to kitchen paper towel.

5.    Dust  oregano, Mint Leaves and chili Flakes.

6.    Serve it with kasundi or tamarind Mint Relish .

N.B:  - 1. long sticky structure with a bulb like top. The bulb like top is the sticky stigma. 

    Both style and stigma needs to be discarded. pluck it from the floret.

    2. floret can be kept in turmeric water as well instead of buttermilk.

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