The Vertigo clinic started at GMCH

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21 Dec, 22 10:43
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The Vertigo clinic started at GMCH

The vertigo clinic was started at Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital. It was inaugurated by Mr. Ankit Agarwal, Executive Director, Geetanjali Group. On this occasion, the CEO of Geetanjali Hospital, Mr. Prateem Tamboli, Medical Superintendent Dr. Col. Sunita Dashottar, doctors, and staff were present.
Vertigo is a type of balance disorder, i.e., a condition related to balancing. This problem occurs due to some defect in the regular part of the ear. Suppose a person has dizziness, vertigo, fear of falling, difficulty in balancing the body, difficulty in seeing when moving the head, dizziness when moving the head, headache and feeling of imbalance, dizziness when turning, etc. In that case, these are all symptoms of vertigo. Such symptoms are there, but the person needs dedicated examination and treatment, which is possible only in Vertigo Clinic.
Videonystagmography of the patient called VNG (positional and air caloric test), SVV (Subjective Visual Vertical), and DVA (Dynamic Visual Acuity) tests are done in Vertigo Clinic.
In treating the patient Vertigo Clinic, the patient has to take fewer medicines and is cured quickly through exercise.

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