Brainstorming on new methods of stroke treatment at the 9th Neuro Conference

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21 Dec, 22 10:42
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 Brainstorming on new methods of stroke treatment at the 9th Neuro Conference

Udaipur. The Pacific Center of Neuro Sciences, Pacific Medical College, and Hospital inaugurated the two-day conference. More than 250 doctors participated in the ninth conference of the Udaipur Course on Neuro Sciences-2022.
 On the first day of the conference, Dr.Atulabh and Dr.Narendra Mal, welcoming all the neurologists present at the meeting, threw light on the subjects included in the 9th Udaipur Course on Neuro Sciences-2022, under which various methods of treatment of stroke were discussed. Presentations were given by experts from India and abroad on the topics of new instruments used in neuro intervention, innovation in the treatment of epilepsy, surgery in the treatment of epilepsy, etc.
During this, the country's renowned epileptologist Dr. Atmaram Bansal, who came from Delhi's Medanta Hospital, told about the effect of epilepsy according to different ages, recognition, and diagnosis of epilepsy, guidelines for different special treatment methods for epilepsy.
On this occasion, Dr. Aditya Gupta of Seven Hills Hospital spoke about epilepsy surgery selection of a suitable patient for epilepsy surgery so that the patient can get the maximum benefit from surgery. They were told about the resources needed for epilepsy surgery. Dr. Gaurav Goyal, the neuro intervention specialist of Medanta Hospital, highlighted the neuro intervention treatment to save the paralyzed patient from lifelong physical disability through timely mechanical thrombectomy in the treatment of acute stroke patients and about the new technology of medicine. Along with this, Dr. Goyal talked about the treatment of the balloon formed in the blood arteries of the brain and how the balloon can be saved from bursting by diverting the flow of new blood.
Dr. Arvind Nanda explained neuro-intervention techniques in the treatment of malformations in the blood vessels inside the brain. Dr. Atulabh Vajpayee described the method of carotid angioplasty used to maintain the smooth flow of blood in the brain of a paralyzed patient and how the patient can be saved from repeated attacks of paralysis during his lifetime.
On this occasion, Dr. Atulabh Vajpayee said that for the first time in the country, a fellowship program in Neuro Intervention had been started for the treatment of paralysis patients in the Pacific Center of Neuro Sciences, as well as through the campaign 'Ab Paralysis Aur Nahi,' tribal-dominated areas The Stroke Support Group played an essential role in this campaign which benefited thousands of paralyzed patients.
On the first day of the conference, Rajasthan's senior and most experienced neurologist Dr.AA Saifi highlighted the history of treatment and medical services for brain diseases in the state and appreciated the steady development.
On this occasion, PMCH Chairperson Preeti Agarwal said that this conference would be helpful for Udaipur students and medical studies in the coming times.

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