Prevention cervical from cancer is possible - Dr. Mahajan

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10 Dec, 22 07:31
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Prevention cervical from cancer is possible - Dr. Mahajan

Udaipur: A rescue and treatment awareness campaign is being run by the Pacific Medical College and Hospital Bhilo ka, Bedla was organized regarding the prevalence of cervical and breast cancer among women.
 Hospital oncologist Dr. Manoj Mahajan gave essential tips to the girl students and staff for awareness in the Residency School, Udaipur. Dr. Mahajan expressed concern over the rising cancer cases and lack of understanding and appealed to the people to come forward for treatment instead of being fearful. 
Here he also asked questions and answers to the girl students regarding cancer-related tests and treatment. Principal of the school Ranjana Mishra, Director of Teachers Education of Pacific University Khel Shankar Vyas were also present during the seminar and gave vital information while talking to the girl students.
Dr. Manoj Mahajan made the girl students aware of the symptoms, tests, and treatment options according to the stage of cervical, lung, and breast cancer.
 Appealing to the girl students and staff, he said that cancer could be prevented by timely diagnosis and treatment. The vaccine for cervical cancer is also available in the market, and this cancer does not occur after getting vaccinated. Even after cervical cancer, it can be eradicated from the root. Teaching girl students to fight cancer, he said that by staying away from modernity, simple lifestyle, healthy food, yoga, exercise, tobacco, and drugs should be avoided, and instead of panicking,
 if you feel any symptoms, consult a doctor. . Dr. Mahajan is making continuous efforts for prevention, prevention, and treatment of cancer

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