Successful treatment of right lung lump in PIMS

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10 Dec, 22 06:40
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Successful treatment of right lung lump in PIMS

Udaipur. Doctors at Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Hospital Umrada have successfully treated a lump in the right lung of an elderly patient.
PIMS Chairman Ashish Agarwal said that last few days, a 64-year-old man was admitted to the Respiratory Medicine Department of PIMS Hospital due to the problem of breathing, cough, sputum, loss of appetite, and loss of body weight. On examination, it was found that the patient's right lung was deflated, and there was water in the chest, along with a lump of 10 x 11 x 16 cm in the patient's right lung, which was pressing the trachea and lungs.
The lump was removed, and the water was removed by washing the lungs. The operation was done by Respiratory Medicine Head Dr. Abdul Wahab, Dr. Sanidhya, Dr. Rahul Khatri, Dr. Pranshu, Dr. Rishabh, and Technician Giriraj.
Ashish Agarwal said that the patient is completely healthy now. The patient has been treated entirely free of cost under the Bhamashah scheme. He said that the facilities for taking a biopsy from the lungs and washing of lungs are available in PIMS Hospital, Umrada, for telescopic examination, lung cancer, T.B., pneumonia, and many other diseases.

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