Successful surgery of the esophagus 

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10 Sep, 22 07:31
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Successful surgery of the esophagus 

Udaipur. Physicians at Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Hospital Umrda have successfully performed surgery on the esophagus of a girl child.
Chairman Ashish Agarwal said that a seven-year-old girl resident of Barisadri had suffered severe damage to her esophagus two years ago due to accidentally drinking acid. There was a lot of narrowing in the upper part, which made it very difficult for her to eat and drink. Presently it had become impossible to swallow anything. The girl's family members also got treatment in other hospitals, but there was no improvement.
 Recently, the girl was brought to PIMS Hospital Umrda. The pediatric surgeon Dr. Atul Mishra examined the girl and decided to operate. Family members were made aware of the dangers of surgery. This complex operation, which lasted about three and a half, was reconnected by removing the narrowness of the esophagus tube. After the procedure, the girl's food and drink are improving and she is healthy.
In this complex operation, Dr. Peenu Ranawat, Dr. Garvita, Dr. Abhyudaya of the Department of Anesthesia along with Dr. Mishra, Dr. Vivek Parashar, Dr. Rahul Khatri, and staff of the Department of Pediatrics, Arun, Uday, Kuldeep, Dheeraj, Zeeshan, Mehnaz, Mudasir, Muzaffar and team played an important role
. Dr. Mishra informed that PIMS Hospital, Umrda, is equipped with all state-of-the-art facilities, and treatment of various complex diseases of children is done free of cost under government schemes like Chiranjeevi, RGHS, etc. Dr. Mishra appealed to the parents to keep harmful substances like acid, phenyl, etc., out of the reach of the children so that other innocent children do not have to go through such trouble.

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