The combination of science and the latest technology gave a healthy life to cancer survivors

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09 Sep, 22 04:47
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Sternum bone 3D titanium implant in GMCH

The combination of science and the latest technology gave a healthy life to cancer survivors

U d a i p u r : R e c e n t l y, RajasthanGovernmentHealth Scheme (RGHS) beneficiary, a30-year-oldpatientfromPali, was given a successful 3D implant at Geetanjali Cancer Centerafteralotof challenges and provided a healthy life to thepatientby Cancer surgeon Dr. Ashish Jakhetia, Dr. Ajay Yadav and Anesthetist Dr. Naveen Patidar, Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Ramavatar Saini and his team. Thepatient saidthatforthe last 5-6 years, a knot was emerging in the middle of the chest. Showed the patient to many bone doctors and took medicine but did not get any benefit.Gradually theproblem started increasing, and the routinedischargeofthepatient started becoming problematic. The patient was brought to Geetanjali Hospital. on his arrival, the patient was shown to the orthopedic surgeon Dr. RamavatarSaini,athisbehest, the patient's 3.0 Tesla MRI. done| Dr. Saini, after seeing the patient's reports, advised his familymembers tomeetDr. Ashish Jakhetia, the surgeon of Geetanjali Cancer Center. Dr.Ashish said a long sternumorbreastboneisinthemiddle of the chest, which runs from the throat to the chest. The chest ribs are attached to the breastbone from the front, andthespinal cordisattached tothebackbonefromtheback. The patient had a tumor of 4 cm in the sternum bone (the boneconnectingtheribs).The patient also consulted private hospitals for the last several years, but the patient's sufferingwasincreasingduetoalack of diagnosis and proper treatment. Slowly the lump in the chest was getting bigger. Dr.Ashish got the patient's biopsy done, in which the cancer tumor was confirmed. All necessary tests were done on the patient, like abdominal CT scan, 3.0 tesla MRI, etc. The patient'salltestswerenormal; thecancerwas inthesternum. The team of doctors worked out a patient-friendly plan because the sternum covers the clavicle, the middle part of the sternum, and the ribs and is the primary protector of the main vessels, the upper airway, lungs, heart, and bones. Andgivesgoodstrengthtothe chest wall so the patient can breathe normally. Dr. Ashish said that under the treatment plan of the patient,thehelpofanengineer was taken for 3D printing, and he was given all the photographs of the patient. The engineer prepared the segmentation model on the computer as per the doctor's instructions. It is a combination of science and technology. A titanium implant is designed exactly like the patient's sternum. Wherever the bone was to be divided, the implant was planned accordingly.Thepatientunderwentsurgeryaftergettingatitanium implant. During the surgery,thebonewasremoved alongwiththemargin.Afterthis, this titanium implant was placed. Dr.Ajaysaidthatbeforethis, bone cement was used with themeshtomakeasolidstructure, but it could not come so accurately. Through this new technology, surgeriesarenow done using titanium implants to split hard bone. Titanium doesnotcauseanysideeffects onthebody,evenafterimplant CT. Scan, MRI, etc., tests can alsobedone.By this,thequality of life of the patient is also good. The specialty of this implantis thatitdoesnotbreak in any way. It is a skillful procedure. Usually, this type of surgeryiscomplicated,andthis type of procedure is possible only in the high center of Rajasthan;GeetanjaliMedical College and Hospital is also one of them. This patient got excellentresultswithinaweek, and the hospital discharged him. Dr. Ashish said that bone tumors, jaw bone, jaw bone, or any other bone could be madeidenticaltothebonepart through computers through modern technology. The CEO of Geetanjali Hospital,Mr.PrateemTamboli, said that with the experienced team, multidi s c ipl inar y approach,andstate-of-the-art techniques in Geetanjali Hospital, complex operations are being performed on the patients here, which further reduces the risk. This type of h i g h - e n d o p e r a ti o n a t GeetanjaliHospitalreflects the state-of-the-art approach. Mr. Tambolicongratulatedtheteam that made this operation successful.

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