In a single day, Paras Hospitals, Udaipur saved the lives of two patients by stabilizing the pumping function of their hearts

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09 Sep, 22 04:10
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In a single day, Paras Hospitals, Udaipur saved the lives of two patients by stabilizing the pumping function of their hearts

Udaipur:ParasHospitals, Udaipur,twopatientsbetween the ages of 50 and 55 successfully underwent a successful cardiac operation in a single day using CRT-D technology. Both the patients were brought to the emergency of Paras Hospitals, Udaipurlast weekduetodifficulty inbreathing,nervousness,fatigue,and dizziness.Whenpatientswere admitted to the hospital, their heart pumping function was reduced to only 20%. In many such cases, it can be challenging to save the patient if timelytreatmentisnotreceived. Both the patients' lives were successfully savedbyDr.Amit Khandelwal, Director, and Head, Cardiology dept, Paras Hospitals, Udaipur. Dr. Amit Khandelwal, Director, and Head of the Department of Cardiology, Paras Hospitals, Udaipur said,”Cardiac arrest is a conditioninwhichthehumanheart suddenly starts working slowly or stops working due to which the heart stops beating unexpectedly. Cardiac arrest can happen for any reason- 80 per cent of cases are due to heart attack, and in the remaining 20 percent of cases, it can be due to malfunction in the brain, lungs and other body parts. People oftenmisunderstandheartfailure. It is not an accidental event or an episode. It is a severe medical condition and has a misleading name; with heartfailure,theheartsuddenly doesn’t stopworking. Instead, heart failure progresses slowly as the heart muscle gradually weakens. 'Failure' refers to the inability of the heart to pump enough blood to meet the body's needs. Any symptoms related to heart failures such as shortness of breath, persistent cough or nervousness,fatigue,weakness,chest pain, swellinginthefeet, knees orlegs should not be ignored.” Dr.AmitKhandelwalfurther explained the importance of enhancing pumping function immediately in cases of cardiac arrest and the use of an AICD(AutomatedImplantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) device, which helps to continuously monitor the heartbeat and deliver electric shocks whenneeded.Sothatthecondition of the heart can become normal. ACRT (cardiac resynchronization therapy) device, such asapacemaker,isusedtohelp control abnormal heart conditions. This device uses an electricpulsetokeeptheheart normal. Heart failure not only increases the risk of mortality, and morbidity and impairs the patient'squalityoflife,butalso places a heavy burden on the overall health system of the country. The increase in the incidence of heart failure among the people of India is probably also because India is burdened with various risk factors of traditional heart diseases. However, India may have accesstohighly-advancedand sophisticated technologies such as high-energy CRT-Ds that can manage heart failure cases and save lives. CRT-D is a highly sophisticated cardiac resynchronization therapy used to treat high-risk patients. It offers the benefits of both a pacemaker and a defibrillator. It is also called a combo device. Carrying out a CRT-D is technically challenging, so most doctors don't do it. After the successful proc e d u r e s , th e pa ti e n ts expressedtheirgratitudetoDr. AmitKhandelwalandtheentire staff at Paras Hospitals, Udaipur, for giving them the chancetostarttheirlivesagain.

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