A patient suffering from multiple severe eye disease patients treated free under CMCY

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05 Aug, 22 04:29
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A patient suffering from multiple severe eye disease patients treated free under CMCY

Udaipur: A 62-year-old patient living in Chittorgarh, Dalu Jatia, started losing his vision ten months ago due to the bite of a poisonous mosquito in his eyes. In this case, the patient visited several private hospitals and took medicine, but there was no improvement. The lens of the patient's eye (cornea) was damaged, and the cataract was also ripe; the patient could not perform routine tasks. The patient is a farmer by profession and is a beneficiary of Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Yojana. He was brought to Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital at the suggestion of the patient's relatives Ophthalmologist Dr. Rishi Mehta said that the patient's complex operation took two hours, during which three serious problems were diagnosed: 1. Cataract was diagnosed 2. Lens transplant done 3. Eye transplant done Dr. Rishi said that cornea was procured for the patient from Eye Bank of Jaipur. The first complex operation of this kind was done at Geetanjali Hospital. "rogee kee aankhon kee roshanee vaapis aa chukee hai, vah saamaany roop se dekh pa Raha hai, atyant khush hai"|The patient has been treated free of charge under the Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Yojana. The patient felt that if it was not for Chief Minister Chiranjeevi's scheme run by the Rajasthan government, he would never have been able to see again. Geetanjali Hospital CEO Prateem Tamboli said that we all must understand organ donation's importance. Eye donation is a donation that every person should make so that someone can see this world with their eyes after death. With this kind of donation, many needy people can get their eyes back.The Ophthalmology Department of Geetanjali Hospital has all the advanced techniques and resources available so that complex to complex problems are continuously being solved. For the past 15 years, Geetanjali Hospital has been continuously providing all kinds of excellent and world-class medical facilities and health services to the needy

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