Paras JK Hospital organizes talk shows

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14 May, 22 07:03
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Paras JK Hospital organizes talk shows

Udaipur. A two-day talk show on World Hand Hygiene Day was organized by Paras JK Hospital, Udaipur, under the aegis of Senior Morren Public School.

More than 40 students and teachers were present at the talk show. During the talk show, children discussed the importance of keeping hands clean and diseases caused by germs in their hands. In the talk show, Gajendra, Infection Control Head, and Nurses demonstrated the six main steps of washing hands with soap and taught the children how to wash hands. Dr. Rajkumar Bishnoi, Consultant, Pediatric and Neonatologist, Paras JK Hospital, informed the children about keeping their hands clean. Dr. Rajkumar Bishnoi, Consultant, Pediatric Andonatologist, said that "Unseen dirt is hidden in the hands, which is due to touching any object, using it, and many daily activities.

This filth enters your body by consuming food and drinks without washing your hands and gives rise to many diseases. This initiative aims to make handwashing activity a regular part of life in the health care of young children so that consciousness can be developed in society. After the talk show, hand sanitizers were distributed to all the children, as well as coming to the OPD at Paras JK Hospital on May 5. Hand sanitizers were also given to all the patients and their attendants, giving the message to keep their hands clean.

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