Organizing seminar and quiz program on the occasion of World TB Day

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07 Apr, 22 11:01
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Organizing seminar and quiz program on the occasion of World TB Day

Udaipur: To make India TB free, on World TB Day, a healthy discussion and quiz program was organized by the Department of Respiratory Diseases, Pacific Medical College, and Hospital on the Prime Minister's call for TB eradication.
 The seminar was inaugurated by Dr. MM Mangal, Principal and Controller, Dr. CS Purohit, Head of the Department of Respiratory Diseases, Dr. Sunil Kumar, and Dr. Ashutosh Sindal of DTC Cell.
 "Invest to eliminate TB. The main objective of World TB Day (March 24, 2022), based on the theme of "Save Life," aims to provide information about eradicating TB disease to the illiterate population living in remote villages and providing its treatment to them. And promote the elimination of discrimination against TB patients.
On this occasion, Dr.M.M.Mangal said that in this national program like eradicating TB, doctors, every ordinary citizen of the society, voluntary organizations, school and college students, teachers, etc., will have an active and positive role. The country can get rid of this deadly disease like TB.
In this seminar, Dr. Sunil Kumar of the Department of Respiratory Diseases said that two people lose their lives every three minutes in India due to TB. India alone accounts for 26 percent of the total tuberculosis patients globally. In Rajasthan, about 30,000 people die every year from this preventable and treatable disease, about 5 thousand women are forced to leave their homes, and 20 thousand children are deprived of school education. During this, he gave detailed information about the causes and treatment of TB disease.
On this occasion, a quiz competition was organized for the medical students in which the students of the MBBS 2019 batch were the winners. Heads of departments and other faculty members of all the hospital departments should be present on this occasion.

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