Successful "Awake Brain Surgery" in PMCH

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21 Dec, 21 10:56
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Successful "Awake Brain Surgery" in PMCH

Udaipur, Sonu, 36, who worked as a security guard in a private company in Udaipur's, underwent t complex brain tumor surgery while conscious in PMCH. During this, a unique confluence of science and faith was seen. The patient kept talking with the doctor during the surgery while playing the Garuda Gandhi. This surgery was supported by the team of neurosurgeon Dr. Narendra Mal, Dr. Naveen Sethia, neuro intensivist Dr. Ramakant, Dr. Ganesh Gupta, Deepak Chaturvedi, Sunil Jain, and Pankaj Beas.
The patient has been facing problems for the last two years due to complaints of headaches and dizziness. Relatives told that in the previous five months, the patient was shown to neurosurgeon Dr. Narendra Mal in PMCH due to complaints of persistent headache, dizziness, and blurred vision in front of the eyes.
Neurosurgeon Dr. Narendra Mal said that after doing an MRI of the patient, it was found that a tumor was detected in the left side of the patient's brain, which was curable only by operation.
Dr.Mal said that this operation was hazardous as speech and memory loss were risks during the procedure. After talking to the patient's relatives, it was decided to do the patient's wake surgery and successfully remove the brain tumor and give new life to the patient.
Dr. Narendra Mal said that the high-end microscope was used in this four-hour surgery, which could help to see the brain area closely. Such surgeries can be performed only at select centers in the country that require an experienced neurosurgical team available at PMCH.
Neurosurgeon Dr.Narendramal explained that such a unique neurosurgical procedure performed in the awake state of the patient is called Awake Craniotomy or Awake Brain Surgery. Its purpose is to keep the patients conscious and manipulate only those tissues that are completely dead. By being mindful of the patient, the doctor keeps knowledge about the living tissue so that the living tissue is least harmed. This is a difficult process in which doctors try to keep the patient inaction by engaging the patient and giving him some work.
Neuro-intrusive Dr. Ramakant said that the latest technique called Awake Craniotomy or Awake Brain Surgery is in vogue worldwide to remove the tumor from the part of the brain that controls the sight speech or main movements of the body. In this case, the cancer was in the amount of the brain that controls speech and the main body's activities. This surgery was also challenging because even a tiny mistake during the surgery could result in the patient losing the ability to speak.
PMCH Chairman Rahul Agarwal said that we are happy to provide an Awake Brain Surgery facility for the treatment of brain tumors to the patients at Pacific Hospital Bhilo ka Bedla through the latest technologies so that brain tumor patients can be treated easily. To make available good treatment facilities.

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