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Indira IVF completes 1 lakh IVF procedures with the help of imported advanced technology

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15 Jan, 21 10:50
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Indira IVF completes 1 lakh IVF procedures with the help of imported advanced technology

Udaipur: Indira IVF, India's leading fertility chain, attributed its therapeutic success rate to the use of advanced technology in its centers, such as electronic witnessing systems and closed working chambers. Indira IVF was the first organization to do more than 100,000 procedures in the country. It has established itself as India's largest infertility specialist clinics chain. Electronic Witnessing Technology sourced from Denmark and Closed Working Chambers Technology imported from AustraliasupporttwoessentialaspectsofAssistedReproductive Technologies(ART).ElectronicwitnessingtechnologyusesRFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips tagged on test tubes of spermsamplesanddishes that storeeggs.Thishelps toensure that individual samples do not mix. Closed working chambers provide a controlled and suitable environment like the Manav body for handling these samples; This keeps the processes clean and safe, increasing the chances of success many times. Indira IVF co-founder and director Nitej Murdia said that we understand that infertility in India is a medical condition and results in social life. Couples receiving treatment face many challenges, and uncertainty associated with the outcome is the biggest concern. Thus, assurance of successful pregnancies from the IVF cycle is paramount. Murdia explained that we want to make specific, advanced, excellent technologies sourced from abroad such as electronic witnessing systems and closed working chambers equally accessible to all those who trust our treatment and help to give them mental peace Want to do this Through very meticulous standard procedures, we have been able to achieve a 74 percent success rate in Indira IVF. Dr. Rajiv Kayastha, Regional Director of Kapur Surgical, a company providing electronic visioning technology to Indira IVF, said that we are proud to collaborate with Indira IVF, the largest users of our technology in the country. Considering that IVFSpecialistsworkonmultipleprocessorsatatime,RIWitness Technology is a full-proof system that eliminates the possibility of any kind of mix-up at any stage of the IVF process. The foundation of Indira IVF rests on making affordable and excellent IVF treatment more accessible to interested individuals and couples. By bringing these techniques, this determination will become more robust, and people will get control ability to handle their reproductive health. Given the large number of inquiries coming from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and its effort to provide affordable and best quality treatment, the company opened five new centers in Tier 3 cities - Nanded, Warangal, Sirsa, Gulbarga, Ujjain.And recently a center has been opened in Noida. Indira IVF has a total of 94 centers across India.

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