Free Eye and Dental Check-up Camp

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20 Dec, 23 09:18
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Free Eye and Dental Check-up Camp

Udaipur: Paras Health, Udaipur, conducted a free eye and dental check-up camp at Badgaon Devi Seva Sansthan. The camp aimed to provide comprehensive and free-of-cost examinations and consultations for eye and dental-related issues.
Dr. Rachna Jain from Paras Health, Udaipur, addressed concerns related to eye health, emphasizing the increasing challenges faced by individuals due to excessive use of mobile phones and computers, coupled with an unhealthy lifestyle. She advised adopting a healthy lifestyle and incorporating antioxidant-rich foods such as Omega-3, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Zinc into one's diet to maintain eye health. Dr. Rachna Jain also stressed the importance of consulting an eye specialist if any discomfort or vision issues arise.
Dr. Saba from Paras Health and Mahima Lothari from Devi Seva Sansthan were present to address dental health concerns. Dr. Saba highlighted the necessity of maintaining oral hygiene for healthy teeth. She emphasized that immediate consultation with a dentist is crucial if there is any toothache or other dental issues to ensure prompt resolution of problems and maintain overall oral health.

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